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QuickBooks TSheets is one of the well-conceived and purpose-built time tracking apps that offer an intuitive interface and set of robust features, making it one of the most user-friendly business management tools in every organization. This app has set high standards in playtime tracking tools and got a robust reporting engine to manipulate data, as per customer’s needs and requirements. It provides efficient purpose-built to record and deliver time entry data with an intuitive user (UI) interface. Besides these attractive features, this app provides additional features concerning project management (PM), invoicing, expense management, and employee monitoring. TSheets works well with its application programming interface (API) to build integrations of user’s choice. It can be successfully integrated with QuickBooks Online Payroll (Premium or Elite Subscription) or can be used as a standalone product.

TSheets provides significant features such as scheduling employee’s jobs or shifts, tracking time through a mobile app or browser. It can send out alerts to employees also.

The timesheets from TSheets and time-related job time can be imported directly to QuickBooks Online Payroll.

How to Connect TSheets and QuickBooks

For appropriate Premium Time tracking access, the integration of TSheets and QuickBooks is required.

1. Firstly, the user should appropriately authenticate their TSheets and QuickBooks Online accounts.

2. In QuickBooks Online Account, the user should click Time on the Navigation Bar

3. Thereafter, do click the Launch TSheets button

4. Subsequently, employees, contractors and pay types are synced

5. From thereon, employees can be invited through email.

6. TSheets employees can easily track time to a specific customer or job.

7. To improve as well as approve time with TSheets, users are supposed to visit their QuickBooks Online Overview tab and then choose Approve time.

8. After the approval of time, the user can process Payroll. From the Overview Tab, the user should select Run Payroll.

9. TSheets provides a lot of flexibility in the setup where employees can sync time and import vendor’s time, classes, locations, and different pay items regularly.

10. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and TSheets

TSheets Elite provides additional features like real-time tracking of project hours, labor expenses, and any type of geofencing alerts for workers while entering or leaving job sites and activity fees relating to viewing notes, photos, and project updates.

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