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HoneyBook is easily accessible cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution software, which delivers a bundle of business management solutions like managing projects, booking clients, sending invoices, handling payments and signing contracts online. Its significant task management feature helps users in viewing and tracking various stages of a project. As a result, users can combine contracts, invoices and other important office documents in one place. Furthermore, users can respond back to clients with automated appointment requests and follow ups through personalized templates and notifications. 

It is through software; users can send automated payment reminders and can create task reminders, based on the needs and requirements of projects. HoneyBook offers good integration solutions with useful apps like QuickBooks, Gmail, Zapier and Calendly, and its services are available on a monthly basis. It is referred to as one of the most user-friendly software as it is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS users, offers reliable online helpline center, and provides community forum to interact with users.

Connect QuickBooks And HoneyBook

Besides being a user-focused CRM for entrepreneurs, it also offers an easy on-boarding service platform, dynamic pipeline focused system and offers reasonable accounting solutions by integrating with business management apps that offer solutions relating to automation, invoicing, billing and payments.

In this software, users can create a new project, contact details, notes and calendar details, for a better vision. Its major highlight includes easy access to project management functionality which comprises Time Tracker, Tasks, and Workflows. Likewise speaking, the Project Pipeline is the major CRM activity of HoneyBook, which attracts a large number of entrepreneurs. The users can customize their Project Pipeline by adding up to 10 custom stages in a well compiled drag and drop function.

Integration of QuickBooks and HoneyBook

Presently speaking, users cannot connect more than one account of HoneyBook with their QuickBooks Online account. This software integrates with Quickbooks Online Advanced, Plus, Essentials, and Simple Start plans. The integration enables the systems to automatically sync payments from one app to another, making it easier for users to manage all types of accounting in one place. 

It implies that whenever a client submits payment in his HoneyBook app, the integration of these two apps will automatically create an invoice and payment in his QuickBooks account. After payment gets deposited in the user’s bank account, he can match his payment details in his banking section in QuickBooks account.

After successful integration of HoneyBooks to QuickBooks Online, the data that will be synced includes customer’s name and email, tax, discount, transaction fees, gratuity, subtotal and total and any line items which are associated with pricing.

Integration steps-

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and HoneyBook accounts.

2. In the HoneyBook app, users should go to its Home Page and then select Tools from the top navigation bar.

3. Next, select Payments and then select the QuickBooks tab.

4. Thereafter, users should click Connect.

5. Now, users should follow the prompts to input their QuickBooks Online login information and authenticate their account.

6. After getting connected, users should select their QuickBooks tax rate and their QuickBooks deposit account (account from payments come into HoneyBook account).

7. Now, it’s time to come back to the QuickBooks tab in the HoneyBook app.

8. Thereafter, users should select their tax rate and default QuickBooks account, from the menus provided.

9. The default account selected by users should match the account he is receiving payments into his QuickBooks account. This account will also be listed in the dashboard of the user’s QuickBooks account.

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