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BigTime is widely used software which delivers comprehensible IT solutions to tasks like time-tracking, billing and project management. It is used by thousands of professional firms as it offers customized software solutions for professional services like engineering, government contracting, accounting, consulting, architecture, IT services and law firms. The optimum usage of this software enhances profitability of businesses and helps them in functioning effectively.  

It can be hailed as groundbreaking Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, as it helps organizations in scaling their business by enabling them to track and act on their operational metrics. In addition, QuickBooks BigTime Integration manages time, expenses and billing for multiple projects all at once, identifies areas of opportunity with features like custom reporting and resource allocation. By using BigTime Wallet and client portal, users can be paid faster by using custom invoicing and payment processing.

Integration of QuickBooks and BigTime

It’s an official Intuit Integrated Application that integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online which enables smooth sharing of data, invoices, billing and also synchronizes projects and clients. There are many advantages of integrating these two apps such as posting of Timesheets, expenses, and invoices data from BigTime to QuickBooks Desktop, synchronization of client list, project list, and staff list from QuickBooks to BigTime, generating invoices in lesser time, reducing the burden of duplicate data entry, providing synchronized insights into resource allocations and minimizes the chances of over or under schedule, importing of labor and expense codes used in QuickBooks to BigTime which allows staff members to log time with these codes.

By using BigTime Sync Agent, BigTime can be easily integrated with QuickBooks Desktop. BigTime Sync Agent is a desktop application that reviews and scrutinizes pending changes or transactions a QuickBooks file triggers for sync.

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and BigTime accounts.

2. Now, users should login to their BigTime Sync Agent.

3. Next, users should launch QuickBooks Desktop using the credentials of the default admin user.

4. Thereafter, users should open the QuickBooks data file that has to be synchronized with BigTime, ensuring other company files are not open.

5. Subsequently, users should navigate to My Company and click Integrations in the BigTime app, to expand the list of supported applications.

6. Now, click on QuickBooks Desktop to activate it and select Enable in the sidebar and then click the Grant button on the installer.

7. After the completion of installation, click on Begin and provide the BigTime administrator credentials for the Sync Agent.

8. Now, click on Connect button on QuickBooks Sync Agent to grant access to open QBW file.

9. In the QuickBooks Application certificate dialog box, select “Yes, always option” and click outside the BigTime Sync Agent window to close the window.

10. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Bigtime.

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