Quickbooks Airtable Integration

Sync QuickBooks and airtable   Connect Quickbooks to airtable

Airtable is one of the most useful and efficient software for all project management solutions. It works like a spreadsheet. It can attach files, provides drop-down options, as well as checkboxes, and more. It is a better option than Microsoft Excel in numerous ways. In this, the user can hide/unhide fields and can even move them. For bulk editing, users can use filters and blocks and provide facilities for using an array of templates.

This software allows users to go from grid appearance to form appearance where they can view projects as a typical spreadsheet. Therefore, it can work effectively as a project management tool. The biggest strength of Airtable is letting its user use it to track the progress of their projects and monitor every department (sales, marketing, and communication) of their organization.

Users can generate invoices and can also automatically process payments in QuickBooks Online. The users can create rows, search, and can update them in Airtable. It can be done effectively by connecting QuickBooks Online and Airtable.

It’s easy to organize anything with Airtable which works like a modern database that can create tables to keep track of sales leads, marketing plans to inventory management.

Integration of Airtable and QuickBooks Online

1. Firstly, the user should authenticate their Airtable and QuickBooks Online accounts.

2. Subsequently, users should select one of the apps as triggers that will kick off their automation.

3. Thereafter, the user should now choose a resulting action from the other app.

4. Now, users should select the data they wish to send from one app to the other.

Connect QuickBooks And Airtable

The popular integrations of Airtable and QuickBooks Online used by users includes adding a Record in Airtable on a New Customer in QuickBooks Online, adding or updating a Customer in QuickBooks Online on a New Record in Airtable, adding a Record in Airtable on a New Payment in QuickBooks Online, adding a Record in Airtable on a New Invoice Line Item in QuickBooks Online, adding a Record in Airtable on a New Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online, adding a Record in Airtable on a New Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online and adding a Record in Airtable on a New Expense in QuickBooks Online.

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