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Copper is user-friendly customer-related management (CRM) based software, designed for SMB’s (small and medium-sized based businesses), to manage leads and grow customer relationships. It lessens up the burden of time for data entry, monotonous administration tasks or complex tools for the managers and business owners. It also seamlessly integrates with G Suite and solves sales challenges by offering populated and fully functional CRM that gets synced with Google apps like Tasks, Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Events.       

Copper offers many striking reporting tools to track revenues, missed opportunities, sales by person, and set goals for employees. The data will help users in creating a leader-board to get a view of the company’s success and barriers as well as the mode of watching the performance of each and every employee. It also offers custom onboarding which comprises of three meetings as setup, customize and train for a fee. The large clients are given access to interact with a dedicated manager. QuickBooks Copper Integration offers reliable email support with 24X7 customer care support.  

Integration of QuickBooks and Copper

1. Firstly, users should authentic their QuickBooks and Copper accounts.

2. Thereafter, users should sign in to their Copper account and then click “Settings”.

3. Next, users should choose the “Integrations” link.

4. Then, locate the QuickBooks integration and then click “Connect”.

5. Users should follow the prompt to log in to their QuickBooks accounts by using their User ID and Password and then sign in using Google.

6. Next, users should click “Connect” to authorize QuickBooks to share their data securely with Copper.

7. Users will now reach landing page for QuickBooks integration to check a box next to each record type users like to display tickets on.

8. Users should now select the number of tickets displayed at a given time.

9. Users have the access to choose the integration to display invoices, estimates or both.

10. Users should choose the field to sort both invoices and Estimates by people, leads, companies and opportunities.

11. By using Teams and Visibility Permissions, users can restrict the ticket display through QuickBooks integration.

12. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Copper.

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