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Clockify is well designed web-based time tracking software that is helpful for all types of businesses in tracking productivity and billable working hours of their working staff across projects. It has proved convenient for managers to specify time duration for each project, view ongoing activities, track employees’ hourly rates and view time breakdown for various tasks and projects. It generates as well as shares and exports customizable reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.

Integration of Clockify and QuickBooks

By connecting Clockify with the QuickBooks Clockify Integration Online account, users can send time entries. The integration works well only with QuickBooks Online and not with the QuickBooks Desktop version.

1. Firstly, users should integrate their Clockify and QuickBooks accounts.

2. Before integrating Clockify with QuickBooks, users should make sure that they have invited all the users in Clockify. Do make sure that all of them have accepted the invite and their names appear in Profile Settings of Clockify and Display Name of QuickBooks.  

3. Now, users should log in to their Clockify account.

4. Thereafter, they should go to Settings in the Sidebar and then go to the Integrations tab.

5. Next, users should expand the QuickBooks section and then click Connect to QuickBooks.

6. Subsequently, users should authorize Clockify to access QuickBooks.   

7. Now, sync Clockify with QuickBooks

8. For better access, users can create missing users from Clockify and missing customers from QuickBooks

Important Integrations used by users

1. If users want to add a new user in Clockify or a new customer in QuickBooks then they have to perform sync manually again in the Integrations tabs before trying to send time to QuickBooks.

2. If users want to connect one or more projects to test the integration then they have to create a project with the same name as the customer or project in the QuickBooks.

3. Thereafter, they have to create users in QuickBooks with the same name as they have in Clockify.

4. Now, users should connect Clockify with QuickBooks

5. After successful connection, users should not create missing users and projects.

6. Finally, go to the detailed report and filter the report by the project or user needed and then send it to QuickBooks. 

7. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Clockify.

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