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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Tally | Connect QuickBooks To Tally

Tally is one of the most trusted credit card consolidation apps, which successfully streamlines credit card debt repayment with a debt management dashboard and algorithm. This app is referred to as “automated debt manager”, as it builds account management functions for credit card accounts. QuickBooks Tally helps users in tackling their balances so that it can be paid easily. In common words, Tally is the world’s first automated debt manager which helps its users in saving money, managing credit and debit cards and paying back balances faster. The users of this app can also get access to Tally Advisor, which is also referred to as “Robo Advisor for your debt”, where a Robo advisor suggests an investment strategy based on the user’s risk tolerance and future goals. 

The tool of Tally Advisor successfully analyzes credit card debit and goals and suggests a payoff plan to get rid of debt in an optimum way. Furthermore, its debt management and advising tools offer a credit line that consolidates high-interest credit cards that helps users in saving money and repaying back debt faster.  In legal terms, Tally is a legitimate finance service which is registered with NMLS Consumer Access. For security reasons, it does not save user’s bank usernames and passwords as information is transferred using SSL encryption.

Integration of QuickBooks and Tally

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Tally accounts.

2. For successfully exporting data from QuickBooks to Tally, users should go to QuickBooks app and click File, Utilities, Export then Lists to IIF Files. 

3. Next, a screen will pop-up, which will option, users should tick the boxes for Customers and Suppliers.

4. Thereafter, users should click OK and save the file on the desktop.

5. In the Tally app, users should click Settings, followed by Import data and then Import QuickBooks.

6. Thereafter, users should click the Choose File button and select a recently created file to be sent.

7. Now, click the Upload button.

8. After successful uploading of all data, the screen will show details of customers and suppliers which will be imported into Tally.

9. Thereafter, click Import to confirm.

10. Next, the details of customers and suppliers are now in the Tally app.

11. Likewise speaking, if users want to import data like transactions and products then they have to export their data from QuickBooks to spreadsheets and then map it to their CSV templates.

12.Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Tally.

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