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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And PrestaShop | Connect QuickBooks To PrestaShop 

QuickBooks PrestaShop, the ground-breaking software, adds new dimensions to innovative e-commerce solutions with all multifaceted features that help users in creating an online store and growing their business. This software is designed to suit all sizes and types of businesses, especially goods and services to downloadable products, marketplaces, and reservations. This user-friendly app has more than 300 built-in features that help in managing payments, shipping, product listing, manufacturers, and suppliers. Prestashop uses a web template system that enables users to customize store themes and gives them access to add new features through add-on modules. For mobile users, the Prestashop android app has become popular, as it offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions.   

Integration of QuickBooks and PrestaShop

The integration of QuickBooks and PrestaShop is proving fruitful to users, as it enables them to export products, customers, and orders from your store to your QuickBooks Online.

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their PrestaShop and QuickBooks Online accounts.

2. Subsequently, users should pick any one of the apps as a trigger that can kick off automation.

3. Next, the user should choose a resulting action from the other app.

4. Finally, the user should select the data to be sent from one app to the other app.

QuickBooks Integration Addon for PrestaShop is perfect for integration as it can help in synchronizing product and customer information between user’s online store and user accounting package. Therefore, it ensures that order data is appropriately assigned to the proper accounts.  

Popular Integrations used by users

1. Exporting Products from Store Manager to QuickBooks is very popular as it helps users in selecting the type of entry they want to create- inventory, non-inventory, service or other charge entries. It also modifies the existing products only and creates new ones and maps QuickBooks accurately and stores Products to avoid duplicate entries.

2. Exporting Customers from Store Manager to QuickBooks is another popular integration where the user can map QuickBooks and store customers to avoid duplicate entries. It also filters customers by first name, last name, address, company’s name etc.

3. Exporting Orders from Store Manager to QuickBooks ease the business process as it helps in creating sales orders, sales receipts or invoices, filter orders (by date, order id, status etc) to be exported. It also creates refunds and export taxes.

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