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SPS Commerce, Inc. delivers extensive range of solutions that helps in optimizing supply chain operations for all trading partners. QuickBooks SPS platform offers its users with an activity dashboard that enables administrators to visualize new orders, orders missing shipments and items that are ready for acknowledgment or shipping and more. This software platform helps teams in storing invoices, documents, accounting information and shipping notices on centralized portal. In addition, managers can easily connect the system with the trading partners and can receive notifications for completion of tasks and automate data synchronization for the accuracy of data.

SPS Commerce provides flawless integration with several types of retail partners through EDI link-up and real-time receipt of digital documents from party to party. It has the ability to accept or reject PO revisions with selected retail partners and have the capability to perform infinite types of transactions to conduct business. This software supports back-end claims management, debit-credit adjustments and provides remittance advice.   

Integration of SPS Commerce and QuickBooks

The integration of SPS Commerce and QuickBooks Online delivers automated and integrated solutions to business organizations that help them in tracking inventory, measuring expenses and selling more products.

In growing retail industry, SPS Commerce is providing cloud-based solutions as it is next generation technology, adopted by leading business organizations worldwide. It is through this integration, users of SPS Commerce can now address the needs of suppliers, retailers and brands that depend on QuickBooks Online worldwide.

Integration set up

Connecting QuickBooks Commerce to SPS Commerce through CartRover app

CartRover is high profile Technology Company who has specializations in connecting e-commerce cart, 3PL and online marketplace to QuickBooks Commerce in simpler way.  


Connecting QuickBooks Commerce to CartRover

CartRover Integration Setup Guide

1. It is through QuickBooks Commerce, CartRover retrieves out new sales orders and purchase orders.

2. Thereafter, CartRover deliver sales and purchase orders to WMS/OMS

3. Now, from WMS/OMS, CartRover retrieves out shipment tracking, inventory levels, and purchase order receiving details

4. Lastly, CartRover successfully delivers out shipment tracking, inventory levels, and purchase order receiving details to QuickBooks Commerce

Integrating with CartRover

  1. Users should log in to their CartRover Merchant Account and then click on WMS Setup.
  2. Thereafter, they should click Change WMS and then select QuickBooks Commerce from the drop-down menu.
  3. After visiting New QuickBooks Commerce Setup page, users should click the Grant Us API Access button.
  4. A new window will now pop-up, containing the QuickBooks log-in. Users should log-in and follow the dialogue to ‘Authorize’ CartRover, so that they can act on behalf of their QuickBooks Commerce account. After successful completion, users should return to the CartRover window, to know the status of successful authorization.  
  5. Users can also click the Test WMS Connection button to verify the success of the connection and then click ‘Save Changes’.


Connecting SPS Commerce to CartRover

Supported Workflows:

Order Sync process is done through Trading Partner via SPS Commerce (Trading Partner) → CartRover → QuickBooks Commerce

The orders which are sent from Trading Partner through SPS Commerce are marked as “Finalized”. These orders will get picked-up by CartRover and then sent to TG. The sync frequency time will be around every 5 minutes.

Shipping Confirmation Sync process is done through Trading Partner (via SPS Commerce) → CartRover → QuickBooks Commerce

The Shipment Confirmation implies the ability for CartRover in picking up shipping information from QuickBooks Commerce in such a way that it can be communicated back to the trading partner. It also includes a tracking number and tracking cost. The sync frequency time will be around every 15 minutes.  

Inventory Sync process is done through SPS Commerce (trading partner) → CartRover → QuickBooks Commerce → CartRover → SPS Commerce (trading partner)

The advanced feature of Inventory Sync helps in allowing CartRover to receive correct quantity of available products from QuickBooks Commerce. Accordingly, CartRover will be sending this information to the SPS Trading Partner which will help in verifying the sale of sold out items and new inventory in stock.  The sync frequency time will be around every 60 minutes.  

 Required Parameters are as following:

  •         FTP Username
  •         FTP Password
  •         Your Receiver ID
  •         Trading Partner’s ID
  •         Item GS1 Prefix

 Step-by-step guide of integrating SPS retailer

Due to field mapping and essential testing procedures from SPS Commerce, integrating to an SPS Commerce Retailer can take around 4 to 5 weeks. The fees of CartRover will apply.

  1. Firstly, the users are supposed to contact their SPS Commerce Integration manager to get the details of their FTP credentials, as well as their Receiver ID and Trading Partner’s ID.
  2. Thereafter, users should select their SPS Commerce Cart Retailer Module.
  3. After successfully saving the setup and entering your Trading Partner ID, click on “Retailer Info” option in CartRover and then click Save. Do save this page for future correspondence.
  4. Finally, CartRover will be able to connect to all the retailers that are supported by SPS Commerce.
  5. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and SPS Commerce

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