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Clover Point of Sales (POS) is a highly effective software solution providing a platform for entrepreneurs with restaurants, various retail outlets, or professional services. Its user-friendly features and versatile hardware makes it easier to add orders or raise sales volumes. It is crafted to perfection to make tracking orders and processing payments easier. The user can also customize his workflow with multiple apps from QuickBooks Clover Integration and third-party developers. It has a higher entry cost than other available options in the market.

The user can select both a software plan and hardware they intend to use. The user can mix and match POS software and hardware options as per their business requirements and can get setups customized exclusively for their restaurants, retail, and general service businesses. All Clover POS systems come with reporting tools which allows user to track revenue, filter their POS reports to view best selling items, obtain aggregate sales all locations, view end-of-day reports and track total sales per employee and more. Clover POS has the ability to set up both digital and physical gift cards and has 24/7 customer service support.

Integration of Clover and QuickBooks

1. Firstly, the user should connect their QuickBooks Account with PayTraqer.

2. Thereafter, in PayTraqer, the user should navigate to Payment Processors Page and then click on “Add”.

3. In the Payment Processors Screen, the user should click on the “Clover” tile.

4. It will open the “Clover” Integration Screen and the user should follow the instructions carefully.

5. Thereafter, users should submit their Clover API Token and Merchant ID to PayTraQer to download and sync their Clover transactions to their QuickBooks account.

6. To get Clover API Token, users should log in to their Clover account.

7. Thereafter, they should navigate to Setup, the merchant ID can be found in the URL address, after ‘/m/’

8. Do select ‘API Token; under the Setup Settings.

9. Then, do click the ‘Create New Token’ button and select all READ Permissions.

10. Do copy the generated API Token and merchant ID to PayTraQer Screen.

11. After entering the API Token and Merchant ID on the PayTraQer Screen, do click on Connect.

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