Quickbooks Acculynx Integration

Quickbooks Acculynx Integration

AccuLynx is exclusively designed and developed cloud-based roofing software, prepared for roofing business management. This software platform comprehensively manages all major aspects of roofing business such as project management, activities, scheduling, estimating, material ordering, tasks, production, communications and workflows. It empowers roofing contractor to streamline and grow their construction work business. AccuLynx software is powerfully packed with all essential project management and collaboration features that result in promising results and good customer satisfaction. In addition, it manages in other aspects of business such as sales pipeline, CRM and reporting.

It provides effective tools that help users in managing their jobs from a start to finish, ensuring that every related person has updated information in real time. This type of solution offers the ability to order aerial measurement reports and materials, taking photos and storing documents. Furthermore, the users of AccuLynx can access job photos, videos, permits and other collateral essential to complete the job. The reporting tool of this software provides information on team performance, status of jobs and financials. It is well suited for small to mid-size businesses that are related to business like residential roofing, masonry, remodeling and siding. 

Integration of QuickBooks and AccuLynx

The successful integration of QuickBooks and AccuLynx provides its users with desired project management tools that can help him in tracking the progress and cost of the project from a single platform. There are many useful benefits of this integration which primarily includes elimination of double data entry, minimizes working hours, managing item codes and contract amounts.

Similarly speaking, there are useful benefits of hosting AccuLynx and QuickBooks in the clouds. It provides improvised accessibility to access your company’s data from anywhere, provides better security to data, and maintenance free.

Integration set up

The integration of QuickBooks and AccuLynx is done through Zapier, a tool that helps in integrating different apps working together. So, it’s important for users to authenticate their Zapier account, to seamlessly share information between these two apps.

In Zapier account, every connection is referred to as “Zap” and activity of users in one app is referred to as the “Trigger” and Zapier performs the “Action”.