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Sync QuickBooks and Expensify Connect Quickbooks to Expensify

Expensify is one of the most successful expense tracker apps that offers receipt and mileage tracking, expense reporting, and company card reconciliation. It integrates well with QuickBooks and is specially designed for chartered accountants and more. This app is the only expense management partner of the AICPA and CPA.com. It offers smart scan technology that automatically codes any receipt to be scanned and logs the expenses for you. 

Expensify links to user’s bank accounts and company’s credit cards track their mileage and categorize their spending. It offers technology integration, reliable optical character recognition (OCR), and a workflow system that helps users in creating and managing their schedule. Expensify gives free access to users to automate the expense tracking process from everywhere.

With the click of a button, users can scan their receipts while SmartScan card will automatically read and log their receipt details which include particulars of date, merchant’s name, and amount.

Integration of Expensify with QuickBooks

1. Firstly, users should authentic their Expensify and QuickBooks accounts.

2. Thereafter, users should log in to their Expensify account.

3. Now, users should make sure that their pricing plan is a “Collect” or “Control” Pricing plan.

4. After selecting it, users will be able to enter the Settings/Policies tab and then select their company name under the group Section.

5. It will open more setting on the left that will give users an option to choose the connections option.

6. Do choose and select QuickBooks.

7. After clicking the “Connect to QuickBooks” link, it will open a QuickBooks login page, where users can log in to their account.

8. After log in to the QuickBooks account, Expensify will ask the user to connect to QuickBooks.

9. It will open the sync options where the user can confirm the connection.

10. For completing the connection process, do click Save.

11. For verifying successful integration of QuickBooks with Expensify, users should log back to their QuickBooks account and go to the Overview tab.

12. It will show apps connected to QuickBooks, which includes Expensify

13. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Expensify

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