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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Poynt | Connect QuickBooks To Poynt 

Poynt is a groundbreaking open commerce platform that has empowered merchants and businessmen with software and services to transform their business into a big success. Poynt has rejuvenated the omnipresent payment terminal into a connected and multipurpose device that runs third-party applications. It has helped merchants who want to stay connected to their businesses and keep them updated everywhere. Its integration with QuickBooks Online has been a boon to merchants which has helped them in flourishing their businesses worldwide.

Integration of Poynt with QuickBooks Online

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their Poynt and QuickBooks Online accounts.

2. Users should make sure that their QuickBooks Online account is set up and an Income has been created and assigned before the integration process.

3. For creating an Income Account in QuickBooks Online, do follow the steps.

4. Now, users should log into their account and then visit the “Accounting” page.

5. Thereafter, do click on the Connect button, next to QuickBooks Online.

6. Users should now sign into their QuickBooks Online account in the pop-up.

7. To finish the login process, do click Connect. It will now link the user’s QuickBooks Online account to their Poynt store.

8. Subsequently, users will now be redirected to the mapping screen. It will show the mapping of Poynt categories to the categories in QuickBooks Online.

9. Now, the user should choose the chart account from the drop-down menu for the Income Account category.

10. Thereafter, do click on Test Sync from the bottom of the screen. It will send a few transactions to the user’s QuickBooks Online account.

11. For verifying the success of integration, users should go to their QuickBooks Online account and then click on the Sales tab on the left side.

12. Users can now see transactions getting populated in the All Sales tab.

13. It will also deliver a message – “Poynt Customer” created. All types of Poynt transactions will be associated with it.

14. In the Products and Services tab, users will see the syncing of products, taxes, fees, and discounts.

15. After confirming successful syncing, it’s time to sync previous transactions successfully.

16. After the successful flow of data, go back to Point and click- “Yes, I verified”.

17. Users can check the status of the syncing process by going back to the Accounting tab in Poynt HQ.

18. After the successful completion of syncing, all transactions will be transferred to the user’s QuickBooks Online account on a daily basis.

19. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Poynt

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