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Keap is a comprehensively designed CRM, sales & marketing automation software, which helps businesses in sales, marketing, administration, reporting, content delivery, reporting and internal systems. This software offers great client organization, less repetitive office tasks, easily implemented automations and integrated apps. The platform of this software organizes customer information and daily work in one place, offers visual drag and drop campaign builder for easier workflows, shares campaigns between accounts with dependable 24/7 chat support and 12/5 phone support. Keap combines many business management tools such as affiliate marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, email marketing, multi-media marketing into one platform, which facilitates smooth functioning of business organizations. In addition, Keap helps in creating multimedia, marketing automation workflows and multi-steps sales.

Integration of QuickBooks Online and Keap

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Keap accounts.

2. In the Keap app, users should click Settings in the drop-down menu.

3. Now, scroll down and click the Integrations button.

4. Now, users should click Connect to QuickBooks.

5. After connecting to a QuickBooks account, users will have options to either Reset Connection or Disconnect your connected account.

6. Thereafter, users should sign in to their Intuit account and fill in their Email or user ID and Password.

7. Now, click Connect.

8. Now, users should wait for a few seconds till a message will pop up at the bottom right, confirming successful integration between QuickBooks and Keap.

Important Integration used by users

The integration of QuickBooks and Keap helps in efficient functioning of businesses. The significant integrations that are carried out by users are: –

1. Users can easily import contacts and products from QuickBooks Online into Keap.

2. The new invoice added will be added from QuickBooks Online to Keap.

3. To receive marketing emails or send a confirmation email, the imported contacts need to be manually opted-in.

4. It should be noted that invoices will only be integrated from QuickBooks Online to Keap, if the invoice is “Paid”.

5. Likewise speaking, products and contacts will only be integrated from Keap to QuickBooks Online, when a Keap invoice is “paid” or “sent”.

6. The fields that will get sync are- First Name, Middle Name, Family (Last) Name, Primary Email, Phone Number and Billing Address.

7. The phone numbers will only be integrated from QuickBooks Online to Keap, when the phone number is stored in the “Phone” field of QuickBooks Online account.

8. After successful integration of QuickBooks Online and Keap, Keap will import all the content and will create new or update existing contacts, based on a unique email address.

9. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Keap.

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