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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Toast | Connect QuickBooks To Toast

Are you looking for an adequate way to integrate Toast with QuickBooks? The answer is that Toast does not robotically integrate with QuickBooks. Though, xtraCHEF offers the omitted quantity!

Users who intend to take sync should know that it is a free tool from xtraCHEF, robotically and precisely integrates sales data from Toast straight to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks toast integration is simple with xtraCHEF Sync. You should just sign up and map sales grouping to General Ledger (GL) codes in QuickBooks once. Sync will mechanically integrate category-level sales data to QuickBooks Online on a configurable agenda and as rapidly as within a day.

Restaurant operators and bookkeepers can eradicate with the help of Sync, the time and expense of using other tools or guidebook methods to maintain their accounting system in sync with their POS. 

What is Sync?

Sync is a gratis Toast and QuickBooks integration of xtraCHEF. It robotically pulls everyday sales data from Toast to make journal entries in QuickBooks.

The partnership with Toast was shaped out of the shared commitment to offer restaurants with low-cost and reasonable tools to present data-driven imminent that assist them to thrive through tricky working conditions.

One of the best tools from xtraCHEF is xtraCASH, the industry’s merely no-cost invoice dispensation solution, which offers machinist time and a refund by eradicating the necessity for manual data entry from invoices.

In addition to other factors, Sync works with Buyers Edge Platform and develops xtraCASH and xtraCHEF customers which are adequate for manufacturer rebates on food and disposable purchases, accurately putting compensation within the pockets of restaurant operators.

In order to integrate point of sale (POS) and accounting systems is simpler than Sync. It is a free integration for Toast and QuickBooks Online users that flawlessly propel data between the two platforms.

While using Sync, Toast clientele can generate daily sales journal entries in QuickBooks Online with no manual data entry or interference. Data is shipped robotically and obtainable in QuickBooks Online in a day’s time or even less.

Eradicate the time and expenditure related to other tools or manual methods to switch data between the 2 platforms. Users can save time, money, and stress with Sync.

What to anticipate from Sync?

Sync authorizes the users to map sales data from Toast to QuickBooks Online exactly because it must appear in your General Ledger.

It is going to map your sales categories once, and our AI-driven platform will dispense the residue for future sales. The information is frequently delivered within 24 hours, but users get to reconcile on the timing that works best for them. Besides that, it supports different sorts of tenders. 

Snyc recognizes MasterCard transactions, cash, or gift cards to process. It also accounts for Toast dispensation fees, making your resolution faster and easier than ever.

How to set up a connection with Sync?

In order to set up Sync there are some significant steps to be followed these are:

• Sign up using the shape at the highest right side of this page.

• Add Sync to Toast Partner Connect. Follow these directions if you would reminiscent of help.

• Map the Toast sales groups to the overall Ledger codes in your QuickBooks Online account. The prompts in our product make this easy and easy, and it only must be done once.

• After all sales categories are diagrammed set it and forget it! Sync will automatically map all of your sales based on the knowledge you provided.

• Enjoy the cash and time you’ve saved by using Sync!

Sync QuickBooks And Vend | Connect QuickBooks with Vend | Link QuickBooks And Vend


Vend is multidimensional retail management software which helps retailers in running their business in-store, and the on-the-go effectively. It is well-renowned cloud-based point-of-sales software which provides services of inventory management, reporting analytics and customer loyalty. This software integrates seamlessly with world renowned software like QuickBooks Vend Integration, Shopify, Xero etc.  By using Vend software, users can open up a shop window to the world with perfect Point-Of-Sales (POS) for brick and mortar, e-commerce and mobile retail. This software manages operations like controlling products, prices and customer data across multiple locations, from any connected device, with precision and perfection. Vend delivers reports on financials like tracking sales, revenue and profit margins by product, brand, and staff or store perfectly and can take corresponding actions so that users can make best business decisions.  


Integration of QuickBooks and Vend

By integrating these two apps, users can accelerate their accounting workflows so that you can less time on accounting and more time on your business. The integration process automatically syncs sales, cost of goods (COGS) and On Account sales and also keeps tracks of purchase orders by posting them directly as accounts payable invoices. In addition, it helps in tracking income and expenses, automatically sorts out transactions into tax categories, maximize tax deductions, manages invoices, automatically sorts out business expenses into right tax categories to keep track of income, tracks invoice status, automatically sends payment reminders and match payments to invoices. The integration of Vend and QuickBooks Online enables users to post their end of day sales, purchase orders, store credit, payment counts, gift cards and cost of goods sold to QuickBooks Online account. It reduces the burden of double data entry and accelerates accounting workflows.

Integrations Steps

Before integrating these two apps, do begin setting up of few parameters in these apps

1. In Vend app, do set up all your tax rates.

2. In QuickBooks Online app, do set up all your tax rates.

3. In QuickBooks Online app, do set up a payment discrepancies product that will allow users to track differences between the amount expected and the counted amount. 

4. In QuickBooks Online app, do set up an inventory asset account where your purchase orders will be sent.

5. In Vend app, do set up product types in products sections so that your sales can be broken down by product type.

6. In QuickBooks Online app, create a Discounts item, if you want discounts to be mapped to a different item.

7. In QuickBooks Online app, do set up a corresponding product or service items for each product type in Vend app.

8. In QuickBooks Online app, do set up a store credit/gift card liability expense and liability account.

Now, the integration process starts…

1. In Vend App, navigate to Set up and then click Apps

2. Now, click Add to Vend, next to QuickBooks Online, if you are not logged in then you will be prompted to log in 

3. Thereafter, do click Authorize, to confirm that your QuickBooks Online Account is properly linked to your Vend account.

4. Subsequently, you will be taken to QuickBooks Online setting page in Vend App.

5. Now, do select the QuickBooks Online product you would like to send your daily sales totals to. By breaking daily sales by product type, this account will be able to receive sales for product with no type mapping.

6. Users should select the QuickBooks Online account they would like to send any discrepancies in their end of day count.

7. Users should select the QuickBooks Online account they would like to send any rounding differences to and Vend app will include a rounding line to make sure that the total of the register closure invoice gets matched to the total of the payments taken. In some cases where calculated sales total in invoice differs, a rounding line will be used

8. If users desire discounts to be mapped in different items in their QuickBooks Online account then they should select it from drop-down menu or else leave it blank.

9. If users desire to use product type reporting then they should tick the checkbox and then match each product type with a corresponding product or service in their QuickBooks Online account.

10. If users desire to send expense information to their QuickBooks Online account then they should leave these blank, if they don’t want to record COGS information. Users are advised to select both a Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory asset account and your purchase orders will be sent to the account you select for Inventory assets.

11.  If users are using Store Credit then they should select a store credit expense and liability from drop-down options in the Liabilities section.

12. If users are using Gift cards then they should select a gift card revenue and liability account from the drop-down options in the Liabilities section.

13. For each payment type, users should pick the matching type in their QuickBooks Online account.

14. Thereafter, for each tax type, users should pick the matching type in QuickBooks Online. Similarly, the Grouped taxes in Vend app should be mapped to a grouped tax in user’s QuickBooks Online Account.

15. Finally, users should click Save to turn on the integration to compete the integration set up between QuickBooks Online and Vend apps.

16. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Vend


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