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SurePayroll is multipurpose online payroll solution providing software platform which provides essential Quickboos Surepayroll services like payroll calculations, deductions, filing and payment of payroll taxes, and more. It helps users in processing payroll from anywhere and can access your past payrolls through reports, updates employee or company information and payroll & compliance deadlines. This payroll service platform was created for businesses with more than 100 employees. It offers advanced features like direct deposit and payroll help for any type of worker with extra features.

Integration of QuickBooks and SurePayroll

The most beneficial aspect of this integration is that SurePayroll will be automatically transferring your payroll data to your QuickBooks Online account which includes syncing of your earnings, deductions and liabilities. The other major advantages include admirable recordkeeping and payroll processing tools, supporting multiple vertical payroll types, and good flexibility in operations.

Likewise speaking, the integration of QuickBooks Time and SurePayroll will allow users in easily exporting employee names and importing hours from QuickBooks Time.

Setting Pay Periods

Users should make sure that payroll periods in QuickBooks Time should match payroll periods in IOP.

In QuickBooks Time app, users should go to Company Setting and then click Payroll & Overtime and click Pay Period.

Obtaining Chrome Extension

  1. Select the link for T sheets extension for Intuit Online Payroll, and at the top right, do select ADD TO CHROME > Add extension.
  2. Now, do sign in to IOP. While visiting IOP, users should select the Payday tab and find the QuickBooks Time drop-down menu, placed in the top right corner.
  3. Next, users should select the arrow placed next to Import Time > select Connect to QuickBooks Time > enter your QuickBooks Time admin login information.

Exporting out Employees to QuickBooks Time

1. While visiting IOP, at the top right, next to Import Time, do select the drop-down arrow.

2. Next, select Export Employees.

3. Thereafter, users should select the employees and then select Export Employees.

Importing Hours into IOP

1. Firstly, users should select the Payday tab.

2. Now, on the left, from the drop-down menu, do select a pay period.

3. Next, do select Import Time, placed at the top right

4. For the first time importing time, users will be asked to sign in to their QuickBooks Time account.

5. A pop-up window will appear, do enter your email or QuickBooks Time user name, your password and then select Sign In > Allow.

6. A pop-up window of Import Results will appear, do select OK and if you see a “No Match” then make sure that the listed employees exists in both IOP and QuickBooks Time. Do check spelling of names and then select Import Time again.  

Adding, Editing or Deleting Hours

The changes made to hours in IOP will not appear in QuickBooks Time and so hours should be synced between them. So, we have to add, edit, or delete hours in QuickBooks Time, then in IOP and then re-import them.

 Disconnecting and Reconnecting to QuickBooks Time

  1. Do select the drop-down arrow, placed next to Import Time, at the top right, in IOP.
  2. Now, users should select Disconnect from QuickBooks Time or Connect to QuickBooks Time. After selecting Disconnect from QuickBooks Time, IOP and QuickBooks Time will be disconnected. Similarly, if you select Connect to QuickBooks Time, users will be again asked to sign in to their QuickBooks Time account.
  3. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and SurePayroll

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