QuickBooks jobber integration

Jobber is an incredible service management tool that is designed to expand the potentials and capabilities of small business enterprises. This business tool helps in preparing job routes, monitoring and deploying individuals and teams for the organizations. Its communication tools deliver timely notifications and conversations with your clients while its integration feature helps users to take advantage of benefits like automatic syncing with other familiar accounting apps like QuickBooks Online.

Jobber syncs effectively to both US and global versions of QuickBooks Online. Its integration with QuickBooks Online helps in accessing job details, track time, invoices, sync customers, invoices and payment information, and more. The integration provides effective solutions for all types of day-to-day operational accounting needs. 

 The integration of Jobber and QuickBooks Online helps in assisting with payroll and accounting-based information that can sync well over client’s Jobber’s accounts. It must be noted that each QuickBooks account can only connect to only one Jobber account.

Integration of QuickBooks Online and Jobber

  1. Firstly, the user should go to Gear Icon > App Marketplace and then click the QuickBooks card. 
  2. Thereafter, do click Connect to QuickBooks. If you have a QuickBooks Online account, then log in to your account or else authorize yourself with it by adding your details.
  3. Subsequently, you will be directed back to Jobber, where you are supposed to choose your version of QuickBooks Online. It is because the default version of QuickBooks is a US version. The user should change to the version of the country where he resides to prevent any type of sync errors.
  4. By selecting information to be synced to QuickBooks Online, do set your sync preferences by selecting it. After first syncing, the preferences of users will be saved for future syncs.

The Jobber and QuickBooks Online account of the user are now connected successfully. Users can now click the Sync to QuickBooks Online.

The syncing will give full control of the user’s business information in both systems. The user can access the QuickBooks Sync and Settings page from two areas in their Jobber account. Thereafter, do click on the QB icon at the top of your screen and then choose Sync and Settings.

Or do click on Gear Icon > Settings > Connected Apps and then select QuickBooks from there.