Quickbooks Trinet Integration

Quickbooks Trinet Integration

TriNet is multipurpose cloud-based human resource management system software platform which comprises of core and strategic modules in one platform. It benefits small businesses as they get solutions for both time and expenses as this software provides effective solutions for time tracking, learning management and performance management, recruiting payroll and other important HR tasks for businesses that don’t have regular HR staff. This software platform provides self-service functionality where employees can check their paychecks, manage their incentives and benefits and also request time off. The employees can also access company documents and can make changes to their personal information. Similarly, HR managers can monitor employee performance, give approval to time off requests and make payroll adjustments.

The effective features of TriNet can benefit small and mid-sized businesses as it enhances employee engagements and helps them in retaining talent. This software provides health insurance and retirement packages, commuter’s benefits and employee’s discounts on vacations. Furthermore, this software also provides technically advanced features like offering expense management solutions to automate travel and expense reimbursement. Likewise speaking, it also offers mileage tracking, managing standard and customizable expense categories, automatic import of credit/debit card data, and a mobile expense application.

Integration of QuickBooks and Trinet

The highlight of TriNet is that its expense management solution integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software like QuickBooks. The integration process helps in exporting employee expenses reports into QuickBooks Online that eliminates manual entry and provides accurate reimbursements to employees. In addition, the syncing of TriNet and QuickBooks helps in tracking Billable QuickBooks Customers and Projects per Expense into TriNet. TriNet Expense helps and assists in importing all QuickBooks’s customers and projects that allows every employee to choose these fields for each expense entry.

This human resource management system (HRMS) software platform manages online approvals and expenses policies. By using TriNet Expense, users can manage the entire process online by submitting, approving and reimbursing employees expense reports for the entire company.

Integration set up

It must be noted carefully that only company owners, Admin and Bookkeepers role have the permission for integration setup of QuickBooks and TriNet apps.

The export of TriNet Expense into QuickBooks Online is straightforward and one-time set up. It helps in linking up accounts, vendors and employees information between these two apps. Whenever expense reports are created and approved in TriNet expense, the syncing process will allow a flawless synchronization that makes sure that all updated expense information is saved and is also available in QuickBooks Online.  

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and TriNet accounts.
  2. Now, users should go to TriNet app and then go to Settings and select Add-Ons and then click Accounting/ERP, to find QuickBooks Online and then click the Install button.
  3. Next, users are supposed to login using their QuickBooks Online Username and Password.
  4. It will open up authorization screen. Do select the Authorize button, so that TriNet can access your account. 
  5. In this way, you have successfully connected both these apps.
  6. For successful Integration Mapping of fields, users should go to Settings > Personal Settings > Integration Mapping.
  7. Now, users can easily map their categories with their QuickBooks chart of accounts.

Exporting Reports to QuickBooks Online

After successfully adding QuickBooks Online to TriNet Expense Management Accounts, users can easily export reports. 

  1. In TriNet app, go to TriNet Expense Management Account, and then go to Reports > Company, and then click blue “Report Name” to open a report. 
  2. Next, from the drop-down list, select QuickBooks and then click the green Submit button.
  3. Now, users should select the mode of exporting the report to QuickBooks.


  1. Users should select the Update Now link, to integrate the latest chart of employees, vendors, cards, employees etc, if they are not viewing any vendor, customer or employees from their QuickBooks account.
  2. Users should select the View Category Mapping link, if they have not mapped their TriNet Expense Management categories with QuickBooks chart of account.
  3. Users will have the choice of sending the data over as a Single QuickBooks Entry or splitting the report up Based on the Reimbursable Status of the expenses.