Quickbooks Taxjar Integration

Quickbooks Taxjar Integration

TaxJar is uniquely designed dependable sales tax solution provider software platform, crafted specially for busy e-commerce vendors. It is designed and developed to automate sales tax computing tax filing and reporting. TaxJar reduces the burdensome and tedious tasks of tax compliance cycles and helps its users to devote more time to his business. This software platform provides easy one-click connection to all your sales point. The main features of TaxJar comprises of automatic syncing of e-commerce channels and shopping carts, return ready reports, local and state level tax reports, over and under collection detection, support for SmartCalcs API and CSV data, over and under collection detection, and support for shipping taxability.

This software platform has extraordinary capabilities in reporting for multi-channel e-commerce traders and automating sales tax filings. It allows its users to connect to all of their online shopping carts and all data will get downloaded for easier sales tax filing. TaxJar combines and unite information from user’s entire sales channel into simply accessible and centralized dashboard.

  AutoFile, a remarkable feature of TaxJar, is dependable electronic filing solution for sales tax. The functionality of AutoFile helps is collecting data from all of e-commerce marketplaces and providers that help in preparing and filing returns, along with your payments. This feature removes the submission of papers or online forms, and free its users of worrying about due dates of filing sales tax or submitting late returns or submitting tax returns on time for multiple due dates. Whether you work with CPA professionals or not, Taxjar is a helpful asset for its users for filing sales tax returns.  Furthermore, this software platform offers reliable customer care service that can be trusted for managing sensitive data. It also offers large number of useful resources that helps customers in understanding various aspects of sales tax. TaxJar offers valuable information about sales tax webinars, sales tax calculator, state registrations, states tax guide and TaxJar blogs.

Integration of QuickBooks and TaxJar

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks Online and TaxJar accounts.
  2. Now, users should log in to their QuickBooks Online account by login their account details.
  3. Next, users should login to their TaxJar account by login their details.
  4. In TaxJar app, do go to Linked Accounts.
  5. Now, click QuickBooks icon.
  6. It will take users to QuickBooks App center to confirm the connection. 
  7. In case, users don’t find their company’s name and asked to create a new company account then please make sure that you are logged in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  8. After clicking the Connect button, users will be returning back to their Taxjar account to find confirmation page.
  9. Now, users will be asked to confirm their primary business location
  10. After confirming it, users will now be successfully setting up their QuickBooks integration with TaxJar.