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Lacerte is multifunctional tax software which offers advanced features for automated calculations, tax law alerts, error-diagnosis, tracking missing data and more. Lacerte Tax software platform has helped many accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs in saving their precious time by increasing their overall efficiency and productivity. It has become popular among users for its worksheet based data entry interface and easy navigation features. The latest version of this tax software platform includes sophisticated features including e-filling improvement such as ability to file e-file returns and other related programs and additions. It has proved blessing for big business organizations that have many tax preparers on staff, who want to e-file their tax at the same time. It has also created e-file wizard which covers federal state, local income tax returns and property tax returns. Furthermore, it provides access of multiple tax filings from one central client file which eliminates the need to create multiple client files. It has accomplished major feats on its e-Signature feature which includes addition of a striking dashboard, capability to collect signatures from any form, optional authentication for added security, and the ability to utilize any device including a PC, tablet, or smart-phone to collect a signature.

This software platform has added support for more than 134 new tax forms and its new e-file capability has been added to 44 forms.

Integration of QuickBooks and Lacerte

The integration of QuickBooks and Lacerte tax software helps in saving average time spent on filling returns. After successful integration, users can easily import the accounts that are prepared in their QuickBooks accounting into their Lacerte app account. 

By using Lacerte Trial Balance Utility, users can simply integrate their accounting data sources from QuickBooks software in to Lacerte Tax return software. As Lacerte Trial Balance Utility is accessed in Lacerte Tax software, the trial balance data seamlessly moves with every client’s year over years and this saves user’s valuable time, during busy tax filing season. The benefits of using Lacerte Trial Balance Utility is that users can create a chart of accounts and also delete accounts, can assign accounts in the trial balance to Lacerte input fields by using SmartMap, post the accounts of Lacerte tax returns and makes adjusting journal entries.

It becomes easier for users to make tax line assignments and journal entries, as this information transfer to the next year, as users have previous year’s comparisons that save their precious time each year.

SmartMap can be described as effective tax assignment tool that includes a database which automatically assigns as many accounts during import process. It also allows users to assign the remaining accounts to input fields by interacting with real Lacerte input screens. Every time, a user imports a new client file in the utility from the client’s menu then SmartMap involuntarily assign tax lines that is based on these previous assignments.  

Users have three different methods of accessing the Lacerte Trial Balance Utility and these methods are- Selecting Lacerte Trial Balance Utility from the Tools menu, Selecting Import, and then Lacerte Trial Balance Utility from the Client menu, Clicking the Trial Balance tab from the Client list.

Integrating Trial Balance Clients into Lacerte software

By using current and older versions of QuickBooks, users can easily import trial balance accounts and balances directly into Lacerte Tax software. After effectively transferring the accounts into the Lacerte Trial Balance Utility, the SmartMap databases automatically pre-allocate accounts to Lacerte input fields.

Users can easily map the remaining unmapped accounts and also map multiple amounts to an import field. It can further be exported to user’s Lacerte’s billing amounts to QuickBooks for use and also with their QuickBooks clients.

Transferring Clients into Lacerte from QuickBooks

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Lacerte accounts.
  2. Now, go to QuickBooks account and select the chosen company. Go to the File Menu and point to Utilities and then go to Export and then click Balances to Lacerte Tax.
  3. Next, do select the Tax Program and then click OK.
  4. Go to Entity Type List and select the type of clients for whom balances have to be transferred.

It should be noted that Entity Type will get pre-fill on the information based on the “Income Tax form” in the Company information section of QuickBooks app.

  1. Now, users should verify the location of their client in File Location.
  2. Go to Select Lacerte Client List, select the client whose balance has to be transferred Or if users want to add a new client in Lacerte then do click Add New Client
  3. Next, do select the type of tax return to be filled for the client.
  4. Finally, do select the Tax Year, Begin and End Dates and Accounting method.

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