Quickbooks Stripe Integration


Stripe is a user-friendly credit card processor application, designed exclusively for only online businesses. It’s reasonably priced and easy to implement for tech-savvy persons. The users can build their own e-commerce environment with Stripe’s API. For building a store, Stripe app allows user to partner with any of e-commerce platforms, with an additional cost. Stripe app has advanced reporting tools, excellent marketplace and developer tools, multicurrency support, brilliant subscription tools and is rated ideal for international merchants. The sales platform like Stripe helps your customers with convenient way to complete purchases online to enjoy benefits of incoming stream of customers.

For successful integration of Stripe with QuickBooks, Synder, a app connector comes into play. Synder is effective accounting platform that visualizes flow of money in your Stripe account. It also records live transactions and historical data in your accounting system. It provides you with important transaction details and helps you to reconcile synced data in one click. By closing open QuickBooks invoices with Stripe payments automatically, it also helps in tracking inventory and manages Accounts Receivable.

Now, users should follow these simple steps to enjoy flawless synchronization with Synder. 

Begin with Stripe integration

  1.   Create a free trial account and connect it to QuickBooks

Users should create a free Synder trial account and then connect it with your QuickBooks account.

  1.   Setting up your Organization details

It’s setting up for your organization for your QuickBooks account by filling in the information about your business and then hit the Next step button.

  1.   Selecting the appropriate platforms to be integrated

Do click View all processors to view the list of all available platforms. Do select QuickBooks and Stripe for integration.

  1.   Connecting your accounting platform

By clicking the Connect button, you can connect your QuickBooks online account and do grant permission to the software to record data in your QuickBooks account.

  1.   Connecting your Stripe account 

To complete integration process, you have to connect your Stripe account and QuickBooks Online to Synder. The two apps can be integrated one by one by following steps on your computer screen. Do click Connect My Stripe Account button and then click Grant Permission to Synder. On the other hand, you can skip the connection and then set up later in the Settings, do tap the Settings button on the left side menu and then hit the Add Payment Platform button.

  1.   Setting up the Stripe integration

To accomplish the set up for the Stripe integration, do select an account for payouts which will allow smooth reconciliation of your Stripe transactions in just one click.

Every year, this impressive application handles transactions for millions of businesses. This platform has been used comprehensively by wide range of businesses and industries which includes marketplace, e-commerce stores, subscription services, crowdfunding companies and B2B platforms. Stripe is also offered as a mobile app that allows users to search and refund transactions, view sale figures, and seek information about your customers.