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Breadwinner is a robust featured two-way integration software that connects your finance system and Salesforce. With easy installation, this software facilitates precise and well-organized financing within the Salesforce platform to allow your business to gain a competitive edge over others. This well-conceived software permits flawless consolidation of data from programs like QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite into your Salesforce platform. Breadwinner works as an efficient enterprise-level solution provider software for integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop, including Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online. It not only provides integration solutions between Salesforce and QuickBooks but aligns user’s systems and transforms their data into profitable results. In leading business enterprises, Breadwinner provides seamless automation between their sales and data, which maximizes their productivity and optimizes growth.  

A breadwinner provides plentiful benefits like eliminating double data entry that saves staff time for QuickBooks’s automation. It improves accuracy and avoids inaccurate data and reports and works as a unified system of sales and finance data which enhances growth and profitability. This software provides a bi-directional syncing solution and any change made in Salesforce gets updated in QuickBooks within a few minutes. Furthermore, it eliminates tiresome processes like copying and pasting as well as identifies missing addresses and discrepancies between Salesforce and QuickBooks and resolves it quickly.

Integration of Salesforce and QuickBooks

1. Firstly, users should choose versions of QuickBooks and Salesforce to be integrated.

2. Thereafter, the user should authenticate his Salesforce and QuickBooks accounts.

3. Do make sure that Salesforce is running accurately and is tracking your opportunity.

4. Likewise speaking, do check the functioning of QuickBooks properly and manage your accounting.

5. Do make sure that these two apps are working perfectly.

6. User should make sure that he is managing his finances, P&L, balance sheets, and cash flow forecast properly. The other important financial documents should be well compiled.

7. Now, set up Breadwinner and start moving data from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online. To connect to customer care support of Breadwinner, if you face any problems.

8. In the first month of integration, do keep a close look at all the data flows. Do make sure that your financial data is working well and is also well organized.

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