Quickbooks Elavon Integration

Quickbooks Elavon Integration

Elavon is one of the widely accepted payment gateway solution software platform. It is widely used in more than 30 countries with over 2 million customers worldwide. This smartly conceived software platform has the ability to process all in-house transactions and offers a wide range of quality proprietary services and products. It is effective merchant service provider and offers payment gateway solutions. It implies that it sells a wide range of financial products and services which are related to credit and debit card transactions.  It’s main benefits include point-of-sales (POS) hardware, payment gateways and payment processing. It also offers wide range of remarkable services for small business owner’s enterprises, organizations and e-commerce merchants. In addition, this software platform provides tailor made solutions for different types of business such as restaurants, retail, health care and educations and hospitality industries. By using Elavon software platforms, users can accept all major credit card as well as swipe, chip and contactless payment methods. It implies that this software offers its customers a dedicated merchant accounts and payment processor as well as a virtual terminal for telephone and keyed-in-transactions. The users can avail the services of mobile payment processing through Converge Mobile app. The payment gateway solutions of Converge is compatible with all leading e-commerce platforms and allows users to add buy buttons, an integrated payment page or a hosted payment page through Converge API. This software does not reveal the price of its payment gateway.

Elavon provides the services of Payment Insider, a type of customer portal with customizable reporting that provides information on all aspects of payment activity. It is easy to download reports which are available in Excel, PDF or CSV files. Likewise, this software offer Fanfare, a loyalty program that allows users to provide customizable loyalty rewards, promotions, gift cards and offers to its customers.

Integration of QuickBooks and Elavon

Elavon integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and offers integrated solutions that enhances automated workflows and enhances efficiency of businesses. After successful integration of these two apps, all the data gets updated once transactions have come back from successful Elavon.

Before connecting Elavon or any merchant account to QuickBooks, it’s important to follow and understands few facts.

It’s important to ensure that users should log in to both their QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online company files as a Primary Administrator.

Users should check that if they are able to access their email account when the merchant account was setup.

Similarly, users should also check the recurring charges setup within QuickBooks Desktop. It is important to turn them off to avoid any type of double-charging your customers. So, for turning off the recurring charges in QuickBooks Desktop, do follow the steps: –

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop app, go to Customer Menu and select CC Processing Activities and then click Automatic Credit Billing.
  2. Now, select Suspend for each recurring charge.
  3. Now, users should setup recurring charges in QuickBooks Online, after your Elavon account is linked.

If users are having recurring transactions that are running directly from Elavon then they should go into their service center to cancel it.

Linking Elavon to QuickBooks Online

  1. Firstly, users should sign in to their QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Now, users should select the Gear Icon and then click Account and Settings (or Company Settings).
  3. Next, do select Payments and ten click Connect
  4. Users will now view the screen, showing your Elavon account number, company name and data created linked to your QuickBooks Online file, when it detects the Payments account.
  5. Now, select Next to proceed further
  6. After successful linking of accounts, users will receive a confirmation page.
  7. Next, select Done
  8. For confirmation of account linking, users should go to Account and Settings (Company Settings), then Payments.
  9. Users will now see a Manage Details button which confirms that users QuickBooks Payment account is successfully linked to their QuickBooks Online account.