Salesforce Integration Quickbooks

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Salesforce is one of the most trusted and reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform, which successfully connects sales, marketing, services, commerce and IT and personalise experiences. According to company’s experts, this software platform provides reliable reporting, impressive dashboards that visually exhibit data, provides proactive service, improvised messaging with automation, provides simplified collaboration and enhanced efficiency by automation.

Benefits of integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks

The successful integration of QuickBooks with Salesforce helps in giving comprehensive view of your business. The integration provides many helpful benefits and these benefits are: –

  1.       Picking up areas of Improvement- The integration of these two apps can give you complete overview of your business and helps in picking up areas of improvement. As it amalgamation of Customer Relationship Management and Accounting Software, it provides clear view of financial metrics, gaps, and inconsistencies that can enhance efficiency and profitability of your business.
  2.       Eliminates manual errors and saves time- It helps in focusing in better aspects of ypur business. It also helps in eliminating the need for double entry and thus reduces the manual errors and also streamlines operations.
  3.       Effective sharing of data- It helps in bridging the gap in sales and accounting departments of the companies. It allows these departments to share important financial data and then sales data together in producing better results.
  4.       Enhances growth of businesses- As real-time data comes from both sales and finance, it scales the growth of your business.

Steps of Connecting Salesforce with QuickBooks Online Advanced

  1.       Go to QuickBooks Online app and select Apps and then search for Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks
  2.       Click Get App Now and follow the steps
  3.       Pop-up window of “Connect to Salesforce” appears, do click Continue and then Agree
  4.       It will connect you to Salesforce
  5.       QuickBooks app will start syncing with Salesforce app
  6.       Go to Salesforce Import Settings
  7.       In the column, “When this happens in Salesforce”, do fill the field you desired to fill, i.e. opportunities
  8.       In the other column, “Do this in QuickBooks”, QuickBooks will automatically import desired information in the empty fields.
  9.       For instance, if an information “Account email” is imported in Salesforce then in QuickBooks, it will translate this information in as Customer email.
  10.   Users can also add Custom field in QuickBooks, if this field is not available in Salesforce app
  11.   Do select Save and Close, to accomplish this information
  12.   QuickBooks will save every information as a draft
  13.   Whenever a customer pays his invoice in QuickBooks then it also gets updated in his Salesforce app account.
  14.   It successfully shows the integration of Salesforce with QuickBooks