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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And TurboTax | Connect QuickBooks To TurboTax

Turbo Tax is a popular tax preparation software, widely used by people of the United States of America and Canada, for filing taxes online. This software offers a high-quality user interface as well as access to experts. It has proved very helpful for all those self-employed tax filers who use QuickBooks TurboTax integration. It is designed to guide users to file their taxes step-by-step and provides additional support for their self-prepared tax returns by offering Audit Defense from Tax Resources Inc. For individuals and businesses, this software offers a user-friendly interface for processing and electronic filing of tax returns. It is top-rated Tax Software which is owned by Intuit, the parent company of business accounting software QuickBooks and credit monitoring app Credit Karma.

TurboTax functions like an interview and can be accessed by users by answering questions related to their life, income to determine appropriate choices plus deductions. It is popular for its clean and easy interface and offers a number of different products to match user’s needs and requirements. TurboTax offers a free edition with limitations but its most popular version is TurboTax Deluxe, the most expensive option offered by the company.

Users can directly import TurboTax for Windows Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business versions from the QuickBooks 2014-2020 Desktop software.

How to Integrate TurboTax with QuickBooks

1. Firstly, users should make sure that QuickBooks 2014-2020 software (downloadable or CD) is installed on their computer, along with TurboTax software.

2. Thereafter, do make sure that QuickBooks data files are saved in your local drive and not on the cloud or network.

3. Do make sure that you have finished entering tax year’s financial information in QuickBooks and have assigned tax lines to your accounts.

4. While importing data, do make sure that QuickBooks is running and keep your QuickBooks data files open.

5. After this step, do refer and follow the steps given to transfer your QuickBooks data into Turbo Tax.

6. In the TurboTax app, do open your Tax Return

7. In the File Menu of Turbo Tax, do select Import and then click From Accounting Software. 

8. Thereafter, do select QuickBooks (2020) and then click Continue.

9. Finally, do follow the on-screen instructions to complete integration.

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