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Mindbody is a helpful and resourceful app, designed for workout classes, wellness services, fitness memberships, and beauty appointments, for users everywhere in the world. It makes it easier for users to search for any type of fitness classes wherever they go around. It also helps them in booking their appointments and paying for them through their smart-phones. It elevates customer experience and gives them an access to book their next visit and latest offers. The business owners can track their sales and progress report, build their own brands and can customize the app, as per their needs and requirements. 

It offers attractive user-friendly features like rewarding their loyal clients with discounts and offers. It encourages customers to buy an array of fitness and wellness services, which will enhance business prospects of owners. This app gives a platform to highlight to glorify one’s business good qualities and characteristics to new prospective customers. It can communicate about your fitness programs, skills of instructors and trainers and equipment used for various wellness treatments.  

Integration of Mindbody and QuickBooks

The integration of Mindbody offers great benefits as it has good compatibility with the international version of QuickBooks Online. The app helps in syncing Mindbody locations with different QuickBooks instances. It automatically integrates online clients of the user’s Mindbody app to their QuickBooks Online customers. The integration encourages custom field mapping between both the systems. Mindbody app helps in syncing Mindbody Location to QuickBooks Online Sales Receipt Notes.

This fitness related app provides an option to split discount and tax into separate line items. It helps in quickly mapping Mindbody Online Products/services to QuickBooks Online items. The syncing of Mindbody to QuickBooks is sales centric and so only products and a customer in each sale from Mindbody Online will be synced.

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their Mindbody and QuickBooks Online accounts.

2. The users should log in their Mindbody app account.

3. Thereafter, users go to Home Page and then click Manager Tools

4. Next, under Mindbody Add-Ons, users should select API Integrations at the bottom right.

5. Then, users should enter the activation code, provided by their developer.

6. Finally, users should click Submit, to complete the integration.

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