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In case you are looking to sync your data from QuickBooks to Odoo Then, it needs some mandatory steps for the same. In Odoo QuickBooks integration data migration is the most important task at the same time as connecting the QuickBooks to Odoo ERP. It is simple and swift to Connect QuickBooks to odoo as the users have to make a record of facts that are simply to be migrated, export this data from QuickBooks, and subsequently import it lucratively to Odoo.

What data does one get to migrate? In most cases, you have got to impinge on your list of consumers and suppliers, products, bill of materials (if you’re a producing company) also because of the outstanding balances. Just before going live you’d do a stock count and upload stock levels to Odoo ERP. Odoo for little business can help small organizations to grow faster.

Let us discuss some significant steps required to connect QuickBooks to odoo. It is an ideal option for bills to manage different departments of the business. O2B Technologies has productively completed many projects globally. Our Odoo services are not limited to any country or any boundary. For countries like Australia, we first recognize their working culture then create a product to beat the obstacle. For the unspoiled business management experience, our integration services help numerous companies. The Odoo services are suitable for every business irrespective of their type, age, size, and site.

The prospect user has to export the following data from QuickBooks:

• List of consumers

• List of Suppliers

• List of Products

• Stock levels

• Import of outstanding balances (accounts receivable/payable)

Always sync your data in CSV because Odoo accepts CSV files formats only. Now, you can simply convert the Excel file into a CSV file then export data.

It may be intricate to map data if you are a new user of Odoo. It can be made simpler by using the two templates in Odoo these are:

1. Customer import template

2. Product import template

After preparing the templates you need to visit the official link for Odoo then Check the inventory Records (Customers, etc). Further, click on the import button and then check the info mapping. After that users should click on test import. Finally, the data will be imported automatically after clicking on the ‘Import’ button.. You will be given an alert message in case there is something wrong with the subsequent template.

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