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Brex is multifunctional business accounting software which helps in keeping credit cards, payments, business accounts, expenses and accounting in one place. Besides giving control of financial status and growth, it saves your time in reconciling your data. This software automatically cleanses user’s data and provides more intuitive categories that are powered by machine learning before it gets integrated with QuickBooks Brex Integration. It helps in saving precious hours of documents receipts. It also works as efficient in vendor categorization which matches user’s QuickBooks charts of accounts. It provides new categories of online merchants and so SaaS is expensed and electronics are capitalized without month end reconciliation.

Integration of QuickBooks with Brex

After successful integration between these two apps, Brex will flawlessly send all users’ credit card transaction such as exporting transactions, collections, and rewards redemptions to their QuickBooks general ledger.

Every transaction will be posted as a journal entry with related balance sheet liability and income statement expense account. After creating this journal entry with Brex’s unique vendor aggregation, user will get an integrated view of accounts that are payable across checks, wires, and card transactions within QuickBooks.

Link Quickbooks with Brex

Bookkeepers and Administrators can add their Brex Cash or Card Account to the Bank feed of QuickBooks online in following steps: –

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Brex accounts.

2. Now, users should sign in to their QuickBooks Online account. QuickBooks Desktop version will not be suitable for this integration process.

3. Thereafter, users should click Banking, on the left-hand menu bar.

4. Now, it’s time to click Link Account, in the top right corner.

5. In the section of Connect an account, users should search for Brex

6. Now, users should select Brex and then follow the steps to connect

7. Thereafter, users should click on an account or multiple accounts they wish to add.

8. Subsequently, users should select a QuickBooks account they would like Brex transactions to sync.

9. Next, users should select a sync- from data (transactions older than 90 days will not get sync)

10. After clicking on Connect, Brex transactions will automatically start syncing and will be appearing in user’s bank feed. It will be easier for users to manually categorize them.

11. For syncing expense data, users should click Sync Data and follow these steps.

12. Now, users should configure their expense setting and then click Done.

13. On visiting accounting mapping page, users should click Categories and map each of Brex category to a QuickBooks category. Do map all Brex categories that are useful for your company, while unmapped Brex categories will not get sync.

14. Next, users should click Review & Export, placed in the top right corner.  

15. Thereafter, users should review their company transactions to make sure that categories have been accurately applied and receipts are properly attached.

16. Next, users should enter in a data range and then click Export to export all of their company’s previously un-exported transactions within indicated time-frames.

17. It will indicate that all transactions have successfully exported to QuickBooks.

18. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Brex

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