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Paylocity is a multifaceted application that provides optimum solutions for cloud-based payroll services and HR software for small businesses in a wide range of industries. Besides offering Web Pay, their basic payroll product, this app also offers tax filing services, benefits administration, time and labor tracking, and talent management. After filling in all the essential information, every employee will get access to Paylocity’s self-service portal. Thereafter, team members can sign up for a direct deposit, access other personal and company information. 

The users get the accessibility to verify each payroll before it is run to ensure its accuracy. Furthermore, users can run reports to view the changes in the company’s personnel patterns and staffing expenses over time. This work productivity app works as a registered reporting agent with the IRS in every state that helps employees in filing payroll taxes and other employer taxes. Paylocity is getting popular in big organizations as it offers time-saving payroll features, connects payroll with other business functions, and integrates well with other software, including QuickBooks.

Integration of Paylocity and QuickBooks

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their Paylocity and QuickBooks accounts.

2. Thereafter, users should log in to their Paylocity accounts and then log in to Paylocity Web Pay.

3. Next, users should select Integrations and then go to Web Services and then select Integrations.

4. Subsequently, users should open browse Marketplace Menu

5. Now, users should open the Browse Marketplace Menu from the right place and search QuickBooks.

6. Thereafter, do fill in the information; the user will get detailed information about the data that will be exchanged from the selected vendor.

7. After clicking on “Integration”, the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange (PADE) request form will automatically open up.

8. Now, users should complete the PADE form and sign it digitally.

9. It will automatically create a request ticket to the partner integration implementation analyst.

10. The users will be called within 2 to 4 days with the billing information and additional documents, required by the vendor.

11. Do visit QuickBooks Online and this will begin Integration.

12. The users will access Journal Entry set up that will enable them to connect them to their QBO account and map web pay codes to the respective QBO accounts.

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