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QuickBooks Vtiger Integration is a versatile CRM solution based software platform, designed especially for small business with loads of applications and tools like email, calling, note taking capability, brilliant proactive alert systems that generates sales activity and reliable 24/7 customer care support.

This software platform is cost-effective and is designed for customers who demands sales, digital marketing activity and customer support. It is also embodied with advanced features like calendar reminder system, lead scoring, segmentation, marketing automation integration, email marketing functionality, and internal chat integration.

Integration of QuickBooks and Vtiger

The best aspect of this integration is that Vtiger syncs well with all versions of QuickBooks, without any technical hiccups. The integration between these two apps will facilitate free flow of data between them and will increase transparency across sales channels. The syncing between them will offer users a flawless flow of accounting data that will boost sales, and higher revenues. The integration will ensures that sales agents will get all the essential information on closed deals which include payments, credit notes, customer invoices, services, products, vendors and purchase order. 

Integration set up

Every time a record is updated or created, this integration creates 2-way sync of data between CRM and QuickBooks. The benefits of this integration is that it eliminates the double data entry or errors which might occur during exchange of information between accounting and sales teams, helps in accessing your customer’s bill status, shared documents, payment details directly with Vtiger CRM. With just few clicks, it helps in creating invoices, syncs Quote or Sales Order in Vtiger to QuickBooks, ensuring accuracy of data. 

The extension of QuickBooks has to be installed from Vtiger’s Extension Store and then configure it.

Installation Steps for installing QuickBooks

  1. Users should log in to their CRM account.
  2. Now, click the Main Menu.
  3. Next, at the bottom left, do click Add-ons and this will take users to the Extension Store.
  4. Now, they should look for QuickBooks and then click Install
  5. To confirm installation, click Yes

Configuration and Setup

The configuring of QuickBooks is a one-time process that will establish a connection between QuickBooks and Vtiger.

 Now, users will follow these steps to configure and set up QuickBooks:-

  1. Users should log in to their CRM account.
  2. Now, click the Main Menu.
  3. Thereafter, they should go to the List View of Contacts/Products/Services/Invoices/Vendors module.
  4. Next, users should click the Sync button on the top.
  5. Thereafter, users should select QuickBooks and then click Configure
  6. Now, choose the preferred edition of QuickBooks from the drop-down menu
  7. Next, users should click Proceed
  8. Now, users should read the prerequisites carefully and then Connect with QuickBooks.

If users are not logged into QuickBooks then they should sign in using their QuickBooks credentials. After successful log in, an authorization pop-up will appear where users should click Authorize to proceed. It will redirect users to their Vtiger’s QuickBooks page.

  1. Thereafter, users should select Income Account and Expense Account details, to synchronize products/services from Vtiger to QuickBooks.
  2. Next, users should now click Save Settings, to proceed with the account mapping.

It will direct users to the Sync Settings window.

The syncing process will sync user’s contacts, services, vendors, products and invoices will be updated on both the ends.  It will make sure that important fields are automatically mapped and there will be no need to re-enter the data again and again.

Steps to Sync, Link, Connect QuickBooks with Vtiger

  1. Users should log in to their CRM account.
  2. Now, click the Main Menu.
  3. Next, users are supposed to go to List View of Contacts/Products/Services/Invoices/Vendors module
  4. Thereafter, do click the Sync button, placed on the top and then select QuickBooks.
  5. Now, do click on Sync Settings and then click on the checkbox which is placed beside the module you want to sync
  6. From the drop-down below, users should now select the direction of sync.

It will Sync QuickBooks data with Vtiger, Sync Vtiger data with QuickBooks and will be syncing both ways.

  1. Next, click Save Settings and then Sync Now to start syncing records.

After successful syncing of records, the Sync Log will be displaying the numbers of records that are created as well as updated on the both ends in a tabular format.

       8. Thereafter, users should click on the numbers displayed under Created, Updated, Deleted, and Skipped columns, for procuring record details.

       9. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and Vtiger.

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