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QuickBooks Paycor is technically advanced Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform which gives its users access to payroll, time and attendance. Paycor has the modernized concept of HR software and have reformed every aspect of human management, from recruiting, on-boarding to developing them, in a way to pay them as well as retain them for longer period.

Besides providing extensive recruitment and effective payroll solutions, Paycor works as multifunctional HRIS system (integration of HR activities and information technology) with features like timekeeping, payroll and tax compliance, recruiting, on-boarding and reporting which can be managed easily by users. The improvised HCM technology of Paycor has enhanced the workforce management of businesses by adding HCM solutions which are customized as per business requirements. Thus, these systems are highly user-friendly that can be integrated into existing HR solutions and can speed up daily operations.

For more than a decade, Paycor has catalyzed business operations of thousands of organizations and have always given scalability and integration to their HCM solutions that are necessary in addressing to ever changing needs. The solutions provided by this software platform has lower their operational costs, streamline their workflows and have given competitive edge to many businesses.

Paycor performs all essential forms of on-boarding process because of its electronic acknowledgment that lowers the chance of compliance risks. The new employees can also enter their information that helps reducing the costs and increases process efficiency to large extent. It makes Paycor as most comprehensive HCM software which includes a class applicant tracking system which provides users with real-time dashboards. It helps them in managing everything related to the recruitment process.

Paycor integrates seamlessly with many HR applications which makes easier to control the workforce. For tracking any employee’s progress, this software provides customizable email and response templates and embedded real-time analytics, which helps them in easily creating suitable messages regarding to their progress.

This software platform provides perfect compensation system through its effective payroll tax compliance solutions; automated worker’s compensation and feature enriched timekeeping software titled “Time Clock”, which offers flawless and genuine payroll integration which enhances efficiency in timekeeping and compensation.

Integration of QuickBooks and Paycor

If users have QuickBooks Online account then they can easily connect it to their Paycor Scheduling account. After successfully connection, users will be able to transfer data between these two apps.

  1. For configuring the integration, users are supposed to subscribe to an Advanced Plan and then move over to the App Center page.
  2. Now, users should locate the QuickBooks Online panel and then click the Connect To QuickBooks button.
  3. It will open up a new window, which will request users to fill their Username and Password combination.
  4. Users should fill the information to complete the connection. Thereafter, users will be able to integrate Timesheets page data from Paycor Scheduling to QuickBooks Online. In this way, it will help out users in syncing employee information from QuickBooks Online to Paycor Scheduling.
  5. Do make sure that every important field is configured accurately before syncing employee data.
  6. After successful syncing of employees from QuickBooks Online to Paycor Scheduling, profiles of employees will be created automatically within Paycor Scheduling that are synced over from QuickBooks Online account.
  7. For exporting Timesheets page data, users should select a data range to ensure that the entries are approved.
  8. Next, users should click the options button and then select the Export To QuickBooks option from the drop-down list.
  9. After performing these steps, users will be able to transfer data between these two apps.

Important Integration facts

If users are mapping any data to the Pay Codes options then they should make sure that Pay Codes are enabled within Paycor Scheduling Account and accurately configured before the processing of payroll. Next, do click the Saves button, placed at the bottom of the Exports Preference page so that change can take place and then move over to the Payroll reports page.

After the generation of Payroll Report within Paycor Scheduling, users should click the down arrow in the upper right hand corner and select Export to QuickBooks Desktop. Users will now be able to save the file to their drive and also import the file to their QuickBooks Desktop account. After the successful importing of data and verification of data, it will be easier to process payroll.

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