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Gmail is the most admired and popular email service, provided by Google, to worldwide users. It gives access to users to send and receive emails, block spam, create an address, and perform other types of important email tasks. Now, by connecting the Invoicing feature of QuickBooks with the Gmail add-on, users can send professional invoices and can accept payments online.

After successfully installing QuickBooks, the add-on links in it will help users to easily create, send and track invoices from their Gmail account. In this way, users can take care of invoicing from their Gmail account, which will help in maintaining updated records, without extra hard work. The details of customers, products, and services will also be showcased through this integration. If you are a Gmail user then you can subscribe to QuickBooks and use QuickBooks Invoicing Add-on. 

In the last few years, Google and Intuit® (parent company of QuickBooks) have collaborated together to offer the best IT solutions for small businesses, which have not only enhanced their businesses but have given opportunities for better growth. Furthermore, it has eased the mode of doing business and has built bonds of communication between customers and companies. It has reduced the burden of extra work and has maintained data accuracy.  

Integration of QuickBooks and Gmail

The integration of QuickBooks with Gmail will enable users to send customers invoices from their Gmail address. It will align all the customers in one place and will help them in managing their emails.

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Gmail accounts.

2. Now, it’s time to open a Transaction.

3. In the QuickBooks app, users should go to Create (+) Menu and then choose a transaction (it implies choosing Invoice).

4. Thereafter, in the Invoice section, users should click Add New in the field at the top left of their transaction.

5. Now, users should connect to Gmail. A Menu will open where users should click on Connect your Gmail account.

6. Subsequently, QuickBooks will ask users to let it access your Gmail account. Click Accept.

7. Finally, users can a Gmail contact as supplier or customer of any of his transactions.

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