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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Autofy | Connect QuickBooks To Autofy

Autofy saves time as it enables you to connect multiple apps like Amazon, Salesforce, Shopify, etc directly to QuickBooks Autofy Integration. The users can swiftly sync data like tracking numbers, inventory counts, and payment details. It can also create customized workflows as per your business needs and requirements. 

Autofy is most suitable for small and medium businesses and can perfectly integrate with QuickBooks. It can also connect multiple apps and can create customized workflows as per your business needs. Autofy is free from human errors and can sync data without any errors. It enables mapping of custom data where users have complete power to use their data to eliminate any type of gaps. 

Users can use the status center to check the status of their data and can fix it if it hasn’t reached the desired destination. The dashboard helps you in viewing the status of your data and its syncing. 

Integration of Autofy with QuickBooks Online

Please note that this integration requires Windows 10 or greater. To sync payroll with QuickBooks desktop, Autofy delivers cloud-like integration. 

1. In the first step, users should Navigate to Company > Integrations > Accounting. Do click Install Autofy Agent. 

2. Subsequently, a new window will pop up. Do click Continue. 

3. Thereafter, click Download Agent. After downloading the file, open it and follow the prompts to install the Autofy Agent. 

4. After the completion of installation, do click Continue in OnPay. 

5. Users will be asked for an agent key. Do copy the token in OnPay and paste it in the Agent key field of the Autofy window. Thereafter, scroll down and click the next Continue button. 

6.User should ensure that QuickBooks Desktop is open to the account or company user wants to connect with this OnPay account. 

7. Do return to the OnPay window and then click Connect. 

8. In the pop-up window, do select Yes, always, do allow access if QuickBooks is not running.

9. Do select Yes, in the next window to confirm this access. Then, do click Continue. 

10. Thereafter, do click Done in the Access Confirmation pop-up window.  

11. It will take a few minutes for OnPay to pull in your chart of accounts and so be patient. In this process, the user should leave QuickBooks and Autofy Agent open and connected to the internet.

12. After OnPay has pulled in your accounts, no need to return to Company > Integrations > Accounting. 

13. Do select the Sync Automatically Box and go through each line item thoroughly and then choose the appropriate categories for mapping. 

Follow these steps cautiously to sync QuickBooks and autofy to balance your accounting process. It is highly recommended to connect QuickBooks to autofy for flawless and error-free outcomes of your financial transactions and inventory updates without much of your efforts. One needs to set up the program effectively.

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