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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Freshdesk | Connect QuickBooks To Freshdesk

Freshdesk is conceptually designed online cloud-based customer support software that provides a wide range of desk support with smart automations for all types of businesses. It is popular as it has enhanced customer engagement and has helped in managing customers to the greatest extent. As far as customer engagement is concerned, Freshdesk provides features like Multi-channel communication management, Team collaboration, Omnichannel help desk, Self-service support portal for support agents and customers and Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot capabilities.

Freshdesk is feature enriched software and provides a wide range of features which primarily include support channels, productivity hacks, helpdesk management, reporting, and self-service. In addition, this software provide other significant features like SSL certificates and DKIM configuration, QuickBooks integration of Freshdesk with Freshsale to enable customer service CRM, integration of Freshdesk with PagerDuty to handle escalations and incidents better, integration of Freshdesk with Fresh Release to enable project management functionalities, creating scenario automation to solve tickets faster and support Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Integration of QuickBooks and Freshdesk

The successful integration simplifies agent workflows by making access to custom details in the easiest way and also generates invoices in quick time. Freshdesk streamlines users’ support channels as its helpdesk team up email, Facebook, Twitter, VoIP and messaging into one single screen across devices, which helps in solving customer problems. The integration of Freshdesk and QuickBooks makes billable support and tracking time spent on support and charging customers easier. 

As this integration makes data-driven support easier, users can access data like customer name, company, and contact details right next to a customer’s ticket and on the Contacts page. The users can easily log time-sheets against employees on record in QuickBooks and can edit them through the ticket page.

1. For successful integration, users must have a Freshdesk account and a QuickBooks Online account.

2. For using the Billable Hours feature, users should have a QuickBooks Online “Plus” account.

3. To install Freshdesk in helpdesk, users should have Admin access.

4.  For linking their QuickBooks account and helpdesk, users should sign into their Freshdesk account.

5. In the Freshdesk app, users should go to Admin – Support Operations- App-Get More Apps- QuickBooks.

6. Thereafter, users should click on Install and this will open the QuickBooks Authorization page.

7. Next, users should sign in to their Intuit QuickBooks Online account with their username and password.

8. Subsequently, QuickBooks will ask users to authorize QuickBooks to share data with Freshdesk.

9. Now, users should click on the Authorize button and then secure data transfer between the two apps will be enabled.

10. QuickBooks and Freshdesk are now successfully connected.

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