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LawPay is reliable online payment software that allows and helps law professionals for a secure and easy payment platform anywhere and anytime. This software gives law professionals freedom in running practice from anywhere as its secure mobile technology gives access in sending bills, monitoring transactions and accepting payments, directly from mobile through its mobile app. It’s a legal way of accepting payments and works in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

LawPay connects effectively and securely with many renowned business management and accounting software apps and personalizes payment pages with the information of the law firm. It is only trusted payment solutions platform offered by ABA advantage program and is recommended by around 50 bar councils. For its user-friendly features, LawPay has been popular for decades among law professionals and helps lawyers in getting paid faster, easier and in more secure way. This software allows in attaching a secure payment link to user’s email, website and invoices which helps clients in paying easily.

Integration of QuickBooks and AffiniPay (LawPay)

The sporadic growth of ecommerce business is enormous worldwide and so many businesses struggle in their accounting aspects. Bookkeeping has always been burdensome process in the accounting and so it requires precision, accuracy and detailing in most efficient way. The mistakes in bookkeeping can result in big losses in businesses. Therefore, one needs Synder smart bookkeeping automation solution that ensures that no important data is lost in transition and categorizes customers, fees, taxes, items, shipping, and other details, in perfect order. In addition, Synder protects user’s data with two flagship features such as duplicate detector and rollback.

As a result, synchronization of Synder is done seamlessly with AffiniPay transactions in following steps: –

1. Creating a free trial account of Synder

Users should create a free trial account of Synder and connect their QuickBooks account to it.

2. Setting up Organization

Do go through the set-up process of an Organization for your QuickBooks accounts by filling information about your business and then click the Next Step button.  

3. Select the platforms to be integrated

Users should connect the accounting platform (QuickBooks, AffiniPay ) to be integrated with Synder. Now, click View all processors, to view the list of available platforms.

4. Connecting QuickBooks account

It’s time to connect your QuickBooks Online account by clicking on the Connect button and grant permissions to the app to record data in QuickBooks app.

5. Connecting Affinipay (LawPay) account

Now, connect your AffiniPay account to Synder platform and integrate them by hitting the Connect button to grant permission to Synder. On contrary, users can skip the connection and can set it later in the Settings by tapping the Settings button on the left-side menu by hitting the Add Payment Platform button.

6. Setting up the AffiniPay integration

To complete setting up of AffiniPay integration, users should choose an account for payouts that will allow hassle-free reconciliation of their AffiniPay transactions in one click.

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