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The users can use Microsoft Excel to access data from a QuickBooks database through the support of an ODBC connector. With the effective usage of ODBC Driver, users can import the data directly into an Excel Spreadsheet and then can present it in the form of a table. Do make sure to match Excel and ODBC Driver. For instance, if users have installed a 64-bit ODBC Drive then they should use the 64-bit version of QuickBooks Excel Integration.

If users are working in Microsoft Excel then there are different ways to retrieve data from various data sources using ODBC drivers and these ways are:-

•    Connect Excel to QuickBooks with getting and then Transform into Power Query

•    Connect Excel to QuickBooks with Data Connection Wizard with Legacy Wizard

•    Connect Excel to QuickBooks with the Query Wizard

•    Connect Excel to QuickBooks with Microsoft Query

•    Connect Excel to QuickBooks with PowerPivot

Connecting Excel to QuickBooks with getting & Transform (Power Query)

The users can use Get & Transform (Power Query) to connect to QuickBooks from Excel with ODBC. It makes sure that users have installed an ODBC driver for QuickBooks.

1. In Excel, do click the Data and then expand the Get Data drop-down list. Then, do click From Other Sources > From ODBC

2. In the From ODBC dialog, users are supposed to choose their data source name (DSN). If users haven’t configured their ODBC driver then they can expand the Advanced Options dialog box. To enter the connection of your data source that is defined in the credentials dialog box in the next step. Moreover, users can enter an SQL statement which will be executed after establishing a connection with the data source. Thereafter, do click OK.

3. If users are using a database username or password then do select Database and enter your credentials in the dialog box. Thereafter, do click Connect.

4.the QuickBooksQuickBooksQuickBooksfor  If the user database is not password-protected or they have already specified their credentials in the ODBC data source settings then do select Default or Custom and then press Connect.

5. When the window appears, do select the table you want to retrieve data from and then click Load.

6. The exhibited data from the table will be displan ayed in Excel spreadsheet. The user can work further with it.

Connect Excel to QuickBooks with Data Connection Wizard  into Legacy Wizard

The users can use this choice to connect to OLE DB or ODBC external source that has already been defined.

1     While working in Excel, go to the Data tab. Thereafter, do click From Other Sources, and then click From Data Connection Wizard.

2     In the opened dialog, users should now select ODBC DSN and click Next to continue.

3     Thereafter, do select a data source to be connected and then click Next.

4     For connecting table having the required data, do select its name and click Next to enter and save information about your new file or click Finish.

5     In the Import data dialog, users can select the most appropriate way of displaying their data in Excel and then place it in the desired place in the worksheet, and click OK.6 Finally, the required data will get displayed in the existing Excel worksheet.

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