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Hubstaff is conceptually designed time tracking software that helps and allows its users to monitor employee’s activities during work hours. It also allows employees to track time through its desktop app where employees can choose to record their time. This app adds the time logged in by various employees and tells the amount of time needed to complete the entire project. This time tracking software also creates an invoice by using this information and allows to bill your clients, based on the hours spent. After successful integration of Hubstaff with QuickBooks, it becomes easier to export reports and gets time tracking timesheets, and more. When Hubstaff is running, it becomes easier to monitor which websites and applications and other screen activities, your team is viewing on their desktop. It also gathers all types of data and creates individual reports for all your employees. It will help your team members to track down the amount of time they have spent on each task or project.

Integration of QuickBooks and Hubstaff

The integration of Hubstaff and QuickBooks Online helps users in payroll or syncing time tracking from Hubstaff. After successful integration of these apps, users can easily connect QuickBooks “Customers” to Hubstaff “Projects” and QuickBooks “Users” to Hubstaff “Users”. Thus, they will be able to view all timing data within QuickBooks to make payroll. In this way, they will be able to make payroll payments without a manual CSV upload, if Hubstaff project is successfully linked to a QuickBooks Online “Customer”.

Initial Setup

In Account settings, users should enable time tracking and then Navigate to Accounts and Setting- Advanced – Time tracking. Thereafter, they should place a checkmark on the time tracking options. 

Hubstaff app will check if QuickBooks Online Company linked with it has the “Time tracking” feature available and it has Quickbooks Online Plus Company that user belong to. It is because without enabled time tracking feature, it will not work as QuickBooks Online will reject any API calls that are made to submit time. It is through integration of Hubstaff and QuickBooks Online apps, it becomes easier to logs the time through time tracking system, and so it’s important to learn about time tracking system, by contacting Intuit, principal company of QuickBooks. For users concern, QuickBooks integration does not support integrating with multiple organizations. 

The flawless integration of Hubstaff and QuickBooks helps its users in syncing the time tracked in Hubstaff as well as pay rates and pay periods to QuickBooks. Consequently, it becomes easier for users to run their payroll in their QuickBooks Online account.

Integration Setup


Firstly, users should authenticate their Hubstaff and QuickBooks Online accounts. In Hubstaff app, users should click on Settings & Policies > Integrations on the sidebar menu.


Thereafter, they should click QuickBooks, under the Accounting and Invoicing section.


Now, users should enter a name for their integration and click the “Create Integration” link button. It will “Authorize” the QuickBooks Online Integration.


Thereafter, users should select a company, if there is more than one company. After selecting the Company, click “Next”, to continue.


Now, select the Connect button to authorize Hubstaff to connect to your Quickbooks Online account.


Now, users should select the projects they want to sync to their QuickBooks Online account. Therefore, it’s time to click Sync all to connect all QuickBooks customers or click on Select from the list to pick specific projects, which users want to connect.

Subsequently, Hubstaff will sync ALL time to QuickBooks Online account, if a project is connected or not. In addition, the connection of projects will allow additional detail in the data that has been sent to QuickBooks.


Next, click on the Users button on the QuickBooks integration page and then click on Connect users. A dialog box will appear on the screen where you can match the QuickBooks users to the Hubstaff users.

Finally, do hit “Save” to finish or add more users by clicking in the “Connect another user” button.

Integration Settings

For integration settings, users should navigate to the integration’s Settings page to configure the following options and they are:-

  1. Changing the Integration name.
  2. Synchronizing payment –syncing the pay rates in Hubstaff to QuickBooks Online users.
  3. Re-authenticate the integrations- it implies refreshing the connection between Hubstaff and QuickBooks Online app.
  4. Deleting the integration- it implies removing the integration.

So, now, the integration is all set and Hubstaff and QuickBooks Online syncs time entries every hour while Project Hours will fall under “Classes” and “Customers”. In addition, the exported time from Hubstaff will show up in reports in QuickBooks Online account.


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