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Integration of QuickBooks and Magenest

After integrating QuickBooks Online with Magenest, users can connect their Magento 2 store with their QuickBooks Online account and can synchronize information between them such as products, invoice data, customers and sales. In this way, it will be easier for users to manage accounting data in a better way. The most beneficial feature of this integration is that all data is synchronized immediately without any manual labor and extra time.

Whenever data gets changed in Magento 2, it automatically gets updated in QuickBooks Online.  The products data gets sync from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online while stock items get sync only with QuickBooks Online Plus version. The integration helps in connecting multiple sales channels, into a single account, avoids double data entry, sync tax rate from Magento to QuickBooks and offers better customer experience. 

Integration set up

1. Initially, users are supposed to set up the connection between the QuickBooks software and Magento website with the help of Web connector application.

2. Now, it’s important to create a user account in QuickBooks Web Connector.

3. It will be created by going to QuickBooks Desktop and clicking Manage User and then click on Add New User.

4. Thereafter, users are supposed to fill all the fields and then click Save Information to save the entered information. 

5. Do fill in username and password in the QuickBooks Web Connector.

6. Now, users should set up the account for the connection by going to QuickBooks Desktop > Configuration > Connection Settings

7. It’s time to establish the connection by clicking on the “Query Company” button to download the connection file to add Web connector application.

8. On adding the application file, few pop-ups will emerge to request permission for this file

9. In QuickBooks app, users will be asked to how and when they would like to allow Web Connector to access their company file. There will be 4 options to choose, do choose the most appropriate one, which suits your requirements.

10. After addition of connection file to the Web Connector Application, users should run the application which has been added. 

11. After the completion of connection setup, users will see the screen, where both the apps are integrated successfully. It should be noted that users can establish a connection once for one company.

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