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Sync quickbooks and bank of america Connect quickbooks to bank of America

Bank of America app is one of the most admired and operational online banking apps which offers loads of banking service with the press of a button. Like any other successful online banking app, this app too offers useful services like monitoring bank account status, making and receiving payments, and special services like BankAmeriDeals, interacting with Virtual Assistant Erica for all types of bank policies, transactions and invoice details.

Integration of QuickBooks and Bank of America

The integration of QuickBooks and Bank of America app helps in saving, checking, and money market and credit card accounts.

1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Bank of America apps accounts.

2. Now, users should go to the QuickBooks app and select Link Accounts and then click Bank of America from the given list.

3. Thereafter, users should enter their Bank of America Online ID and Passcode on the consent screen.

4. Users should send the request for authorization code to their registered mobile number.

5. Now, users should enter the authorization code, when prompted

6. By selecting Share My Data, users should review the disclosure and provide consent

7. In the Profile and Settings section, the consent sent by the user is viewable in the Security Center in Online Banking that can be revoked at any time. 

Important uses of Integrations

Web Connect helps users in downloading their transactions from Small Business Online Banking, launching QuickBooks Desktop software and settling transactions.

After successful integration of Bank of America and QuickBooks apps, it becomes easier to access banking transactions with Web Connect.

1. After successfully signing to small business online banking, users should navigate to the Activity tab in their account and then select the Download link.

2. Thereafter, from the drop-down menu, users should select the Transaction period for the transactions they wish to download.

3. In the Choose File Type option, users should select Web Connect for QuickBooks and then click Download Transactions to save the file to desktop. 

4. Now, open QuickBooks desktop software and then select Banking and click Online Banking.

5. To upload your transactions, click Import Web Connect File.

The integration of Online Banking in QuickBooks Desktop with Direct Connect is another major advantage that has helped millions of users.

Direct Connect is one of the most significant Intuit solutions that provide clients of all Banner Online banking the access to automatically connect and access their account information and also download transactions directly from QuickBooks.

1. In QuickBooks Desktop software, users should enrolled them in Account Management and then choose Banking and then click Online Banking

2. Now, click Set Up Account for Online Services.

3. Thereafter, select their QuickBooks account that will connect to their Bank of America account from the drop down menu and then click Next.

4. From the drop-down menu, users should select Bank of America and then click Next.

5. Now, select the Direct Connect option and then click Next.

6. Thereafter, users should select Yes, my account has been activated for QuickBooks online services and then click Next.

7. Now, users should enter their Customer ID (online banking ID) and password (online banking Passcode) and then click Sign In.

8. Next, users should select the account to be integrated into their QuickBooks Desktop software. In this way, QuickBooks will securely connect to their server to download bank data for the selected account.

9. Now, click Finish, after the completion of download. The successful integration of Online Banking and QuickBooks Desktop software is accomplished.


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