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What is OneSaas?

OneSaas, one of the most liked accounting apps used by billions, helps in integrating business applications across accounting, fulfillment, e-commerce, CRM, billing and invoicing and e-mail marketing.  

Get business apps talking and sharing automatically, including scheduled updates, in order that all information is accurate across all platforms, at an equivalent time.

It eliminates the necessity for manually copying and pasting data into each separate application used for his or her business. OneSaas works with quite thirty of the leading business apps, including QuickBooks, Xero and Shopify. Once integrations are setup, all business data continues to sync automatically as per user’s requirements.

Businesses can enjoy using OneSaas by connecting their eBay store, or the other shopping carts and automate accounting, fulfillment and inventory management.

After the sale of tickets, event organizers can easily integrate apps like Wix and can create invoice automatically.

Users can integrate with their favorite email marketing platform and have all customer information updated and synced for a faster and simpler email blast.

How to found out Onesaas?

The following guide is going to be your complete tour through the OneSaas application.

• Manage Tab

• Connections tab

• Data Tab

• Help

Manage Tab

After initial set-up and log-in to OneSaas account, the Manage Tab is going to be most important thing.

On this page, you will perform the subsequent tasks:-

• Turn on/off your automatic sync

• By using Sync now button, user can run manual syncs

• Configure your integration date and zone

More information about managing your sync settings are often found here.

• Configure your integration workflows

The Manage tab will help you in initiating configuration process. this is often probably the foremost important a part of your integration, as this is often where you tell OneSaas how you’d just like the integration to behave. If you would like a step-by-step guide for your configuration, you’ll find our integration guides here.

• Viewing basic reporting data

On your Manage tab, you’ll be ready to see some basic reporting data also. This may offer you a basic overview of how your integration has performed within the last 24 hours. Any errors in your synchronization also will appear during this section.

Connections tab

This is where you’ll see your connected systems in OneSaas. Guides on the way to do that for each connector is often found here.

Data tab

The contents synchronized through OneSaas will there to be visualized. The users are going to see subsequent data types such as:-

• Orders/Invoices

• Contacts

• Products/Items

• Accounts & Payment methods

• Taxes

For your convenience, they will provide you with a choice to contact their support, or maybe access the whole help center right within the OneSaas application

Key benefits of using OneSaas

With OneSaas, businesses can automate bookkeeping and not need to update their applications manually by transferring data using copy/ paste, which may be susceptible to human errors.

Once data is inserted into an application, users are often sure that it’ll be consistent, accurate and up-to-date throughout all other integrated applications.

By connecting a real-time inventory tracking app, users can hold higher data accuracy and keep track of products with low sales, helping to form better business decisions.

Users can connect multiple shopping carts including their eBay store also as automate their online retail management, connect a CRM and email marketing apps.

Integration process /Sync quickbooks and onesaas

After successfully registering your account with us, let us discuss steps to connect QuickBooks online with your OneSaas file.

1. From the OneSaas Dashboard, attend Connection tab and click on + Add Connection.

2. Apps that we support are going to be displayed on your screen. Scroll right down to the Accounting section, then select QuickBooks Online from the available list. Please press “+Add” button to feature QuickBooks Online to your OneSaas file.

3. To Authorize our service to access your data from your Quickbooks Online, please click on hook up with Quickbooks.

4. A replacement page will crop up and you’ll got to to enter your Quickbooks Online login credentials. Once done, click check in to login.

5. Users should hit Connect at rock bottom right corner of the page to authorize connections from QuickBooks to your OneSaas file.

6. Great! Your Quickbooks Online account is now connected to your Onesaas file.

7. Now that you’ve got connected Quickbooks Online, you’ll either add another connection by selecting Add Connection, or move forward and configure your integration

OneSaas – business apps happily working together

OneSaas works prolifically as helpful integration platform that provides omnichannel data automation for fulfillment, accounting and marketing applications.

For our application partners, we enable a full suite of high-quality business data integrations to their customers via one connection to our Hub. OneSaas delivers unbeatable financial efficiency and quality that can’t be replicated by other platforms or by apps building, maintaining and supporting their native integrations.

OneSaas helps in providing comprehensive solutions to all types of small, medium and enterprise customers of their app developer partners. It will help them in running their business smoothly.

Step 1 – Connect. Users should connect Shopify store and QuickBooks Online business to their OneSaas account.

Step 2 – Configure. Integrate and configure workflows between Shopify and Quickbooks Online.

Step 3 – Sync. Found out the automated sync and starting date and luxuriate in the automation!

Key benefits

It helps in saving time as well as money by automatically sharing data between Shopify and QuickBooks.

 It is important to connect multiple sales channels to QuickBooks to ensure that stock levels are updated properly.

Eliminate manual data entry and short cuts that always end in human error

How it works with QuickBooks?

The users are supposed to automate their accounting by connecting Shopify and QuickBooks online. It is advisable to avoid entering invoices, customers or products manually again.


When you connect QuickBooks Online with Shopify using OneSaas you’ll never manually enter data again, saving you hours every day!

Shopify by OneSaas will automatically:

The stock levels between QuickBooks Online and Shopify will be updated. The created products and updates from Shopify to QuickBooks Online will be shared.

Share when an order is formed in Shopify and make or update the sales invoice or receipt in QuickBooks Online
OneSaas allows you to attach with other business apps like like eBay, Shopify then far more.

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