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Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is popular software that combines customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing in one platform. It’s one of the sophisticated software platforms which provide cloud-based sales and marketing solutions to businesses. It also provides marketing and e-commerce functionalities and helps small and medium sized business streamline their sales and marketing and manages customer experiences.

The users of this software platform can segregate contacts, send emails, track customer interactions and can run campaigns through email communications. It also manages e-commerce effectively for its users. Whether its setting up online shopping carts, tracking digital storefront activity or inventory management or purchase fulfillment, users can makes the most use of this software. In addition, it also helps in sending quotes, receipts and invoices. The technically refined system’s reporting and analytics tools of this software helps its users in running analysis on constraints like campaign performance, emails and ROI data. It can be easily accessed on iOS and Android devices and offers seamless integration with Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail and QuickBooks Infusionsoft Integration. The advances features include identifying all your customers’ interactions from the all apps users use and organize them perfectly under one roof.

Connect QuickBooks And Infusionsoft

This conceptually designed software provides effective email marketing solution which integrates customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation functionality in one single interface. It offers an interesting management tool called Pipeline which users to organize as well as manage prospects and deals in a single location. It links to your customer’s insightful information so that you can attain knowledge on all activity and interactions for prospects on one single dashboard. The concept of Pipeline can help businesses to customize sales stages, add a contact or business to a card, follow up with your business leads and plan next steps for your business progress. The feature of “My Day” is another striking aspect as provides a separate dashboard view which is more task-oriented and centralized. This works like impressive project management dashboard which has work area on the right and puts notes, appointments, tasks, and opportunities in the left hand column. The concept of ‘My Day’ works like sales and marketing employee’s major path to organize their priorities and lead updates and log contacts. This feature of Keap has caught attention of both users and critics and is providing major solutions to both employees and businesses. 

Integration of QuickBooks and Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

The integration of QuickBooks Desktop and Keap is done through Max Classic, a platform that offers reliable and seamless integration between apps. Max Classic is one of the most highly rated platforms that offer business a solid app integration along with advanced sales and marketing automation. The integration of these apps helps users in exporting invoice and payment data from Keap app and then makes use of it to update QuickBooks.

The users must note that QuickBooks Desktop is disabled by default and so they are advised to contact Customer Support to enable it. Subsequently, users will be advised to read as well as sign a legal disclaimer and return it by email, to enable the integration process. The documents of QuickBooks integration with Keap should be read carefully before signing it and using it for business purposes. Do follow up QuickBooks set up instructions in order and don’t default or skip any of the steps. Users are supposed to back up their QuickBooks data before importing it to Keaps app. Do remember that this tool only integrates data from Keap to QuickBooks. To have consultant solutions, do have a Keap Marketplace for a vendor.  

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks and Keap accounts.
  2. Next, users should prepare products that are to be imported into their QuickBooks Desktop account.
  3. In Keap app, users should go to E-Commerce and click Products and then click on a product’s name
  4. Now, users should go the QuickBooks Information tab to enter- QuickBooks Product Name and QuickBooks Accounts Name.
  5. Users should note carefully that QuickBooks Product Name should match the name or number you have assigned to the product in your QuickBooks Desktop account. Please note that QuickBooks Product Name should be less than 31 characters.
  6. Likewise speaking, users should note carefully that QuickBooks Account Name should match the Account Name on your QuickBooks Profit and Loss report.
  7. Now, save the Product
  8. Users can repeat the entire process for your remainder products.

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