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QuoteWerks is conceptually designed software which form significant link between contact mangers and accounting software. This software platform supports receivables, purchasing, inventory management, payroll, asset management and payables. In addition, it allows users to manage their customers, leads, and marketing in most prominent way. QuoteWerks allows its users to make use of customer information which is stored in their CRM package. It helps in generating sales quotes that can be exported to their accounting software for invoices, receivables and purchasing. It provides effective IT solutions for bigger offices with many salespersons using accounting software. It is highly flexible in terms of pricing models, regulating profit margins and linking to other accounting software. It fills in the gaps in the quoting gaps that are left behind by CRM and accounting software.

For quoting needs and requirements, QuoteWerks is preferred over QuickBooks for many genuine reasons. It links effectively with Contact Management Software and pulls up prospect names and contact information into the quote. Every time quote becomes an order; QuoteWerks will be creating a new customer in QuickBooks, without re-typing the data. It also links written data back to the contact manager in the form of follow up call and sales opportunity forecasting. On contrary, QuickBooks do neither write back to Contact manager nor it offers the level of integration that QuoteWerks provides. One of the most significant of QuoteWerks is that it supports ninbe different pricing methods such as Markup, Discount, Gross Margin, Volume based, List, Formula, Fixed, Customer Price Levels, and Customer/Product price matrix.

In addition, QuoteWerks provides a visual Configurator that allows its users to systematically build their product and add a document to it. This software app has links to the prominent pricing databases of PC industry distributors. As efficient quoting software, it has the ability to compare item prices between vendors and displays the best price. This tool will help its users to specify the most preferred vendors to choose. It can also hide the prices of certain items in a document and provides many document automation features. QuoteWerks enables its users to select and combine cover sheets, spec sheets, and literature documents which support the quote for straightforward delivery of the quote by print or by e-mail.  While adding an item to the quote, this software allows in easily viewing a part/item price history as well as a customer part/item price history. It visually organizes products and enables you to organize as well as view your products in a multi-level folder trees. For calculating profit margin, QuoteWerks can be useful as it easily calculate profit margin per quote, order and invoice. 

Integration of QuickBooks and QuoteWerks

The successful integration of QuoteWerks and QuickBooks will allow its users to create Invoices, Sales Order, Estimates, and Purchase Orders from the documents in QuoteWerks, eliminating the burdensome work of re-typing. Whenever quotes become orders, QuoteWerks creates customers, products, and invoices for its users.

Integration Set up

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks Online and QuoteWerks accounts.
  2. In QuoteWerks app, users should click Tools and then click Export to QuickBooks Or can simply click on QuickBooks icon, placed on top of the screen.
  3. It will open window showing Export to QuickBooks, showing Non-Exported Documents and Payments
  4. In Non-Exported Documents, do click on the checkbox on the invoices to be exported to QuickBooks
  5. Next, click Export
  6. It will open dialog box of Select QuickBooks Sales Tax Item and then click OK
  7. After clicking OK, a new dialog box Create QuickBooks Item will open
  8. Now, go to Item Type and select the preferred Item Type from the box and then select Account and then click OK.
  9. A new window QuickBooks Export Window will appear, do export the selected documents with details of Order Number
  10. Now, click OK
  11. Next, users should go to their QuickBooks app and then select Invoice
  12. Do type Invoice Number and it will give them details of it, showing successful export of document
  13. Similarly, these steps can be repeated again and again to export batch of documents from QuoteWerks to QuickBooks Online
  14. It completes successful integration of these two apps. Do remember to log in to both these apps in exporting documents.

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