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Freshsales is efficiently designed cloud based IT Help desk and service management solution provider software, designed to automate the entire sales cycle, from drawing and developing leads to generating insights to close deals. It is through software; sales teams can control and empower advanced features and technology like AI to manage accounts, contacts and pipelines efficiently. It also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android which allows IT administrators to service requests distantly.  

QuickBooks Freshsales Integration makes contact management easier for sales teams which help users to organize contacts into segments based on categories like page visits, email activity and audience behavior. Furthermore, sales teams can also build detailed profiles of companies and contacts they interact and work with. It enables sales teams to have a 360-degree view of their contacts and deals. It makes it easier for them to add context to their interactions with customers and leads.  

Integration of QuickBooks and Freshsales

1. The integration of QuickBooks and Freshsales can be done by Freshsales Admin users with an active Inuit account and an Admin in QuickBooks.

2. Enabling the integration from Freshsales should be done. Users should follow these steps: –

a. Users should login to Freshsales as an Admin

b. Next, they should go to Admin settings > Integrations > Third party integration > Quickbooks.

c. Now, enable the toggle and then click the Connect to QuickBooks button from the directed page.

d. Users will be directed to the QuickBooks page, click on Authorize to proceed.

e. After successful authorization, users will be directed to their QuickBooks account and they will be directed to the QuickBooks integration page, under Freshsales Admin Settings.

f. The name of the user’s Company’s name and email as mentioned in the integrated QuickBooks account will appear.  

g. If users want to be notified every time a lead or contact makes payments then he can enable the checkbox.

h. Finally, hit the Save button.

3. Accessing user’s invoices from Freshsales can be done in following steps: –

a. In the user’s detailed page, the invoices related to a given Lead or Contact are listed.

b. Thereafter, users should go to the Lead or Contact module and then click on the record whose invoice they want to view.

c. Next, the user should scroll down to the end of the details page.

d. Users will find an integrations tab with all the active integrations right below the recent activities timelines.

e. Next, users should click on QuickBooks to find a listing of invoices related to respective leads.

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