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FreshBooks is an innovative accounting app that offers a comprehensive, intuitive, and double-entry accounting experience to users. This highly accessible accounting app supports all types of invoices and estimates, expenses, time tracking, and projects. Freshbooks can anticipate the need of freelancers and small businesses and deliver all types of optimum solutions to them. It was started as an invoicing solution but later it expanded its horizon into online accounting services for startups and sole proprietors.

Skyvia offers users a wide range of benefits for importing data from QuickBooks Online to FreshBooks and vice-versa. While using Skyvia, users can use data filtering and can perform data transformations. Furthermore, Skyvia also supports the UPSERT operation, an operation of inserting new records and updating records that exists in the target. It also allows importing data without creating duplicates for existing target records. Skyvia allows its users to perform bi-directional synchronization of data between QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks. In periodical synchronization, Skyvia does not load all the data each time. Skyvia tracks changes in the data sources and performs essential data changes. It also performs commanding mapping features that allow users to sync data with a different structure. The import done through Skyvia can load only new and modified records from QuickBooks Online to FreshBooks and vice-versa. Therefore, users can use import for performing one-way sync. Skyvia’s import supports all types of DML operations which includes UPDATE and DELETE. It allows import to perform functions like mass update operations or mass deleting data and matching some conditions.

Integration of FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online

By using Skyvia, users can integrate QuickBooks Online with FreshBooks in many ways. For loading data in both directions (from QuickBooks Online to FreshBooks or vice versa), Skyvia offers its users powerful data synchronization.

The data synchronization offered is:-

1. Creating/Updating QuickBooks Online Customer from FreshBooks Client

2. Creating new FreshBooks Client from QuickBooks Online Customer

3. Creating new FreshBooks New (cloud accounting) Client from QuickBooks Online Customer

4. Creating/Updating QuickBooks Online Customer from FreshBooks New (cloud accounting) Client

5. Creating/Updating QuickBooks online Customers from FreshBooks Client

6. Now You Are Done with Syncing QuickBooks and FreshBooks Client

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