quickbooks xero integration

Xero is well conceived cloud based accounting software system, crafted to simplify business management tasks like managing expense claims, creating invoices, paying bills, and more. This software is mainly used by bookkeepers, accountants, and small business owners and can be integrated to apps like QuickBooks and connected to bank accounts for providing transaction feeds. The software delivers versatile accounting services with tasks like data imports, sales and purchase transactions, account reconciliation and project tracking. In this app, Practice Manager Tool allows users to manage job, track time and assign tasks. In last few years, Xero has improvised its setup process, provides business views, attractive dashboard, smart lists, and interactive quotes, and provides methodical reconciliation tools, project tracking and reliable online support.

This software has skillfully simplified accounting processes for small businesses by providing all types of double-entry small business accounting solution such as sales, purchases, bills and expenses, inventory, and payroll. The users can create records for customers, employees, items and suppliers and can use these records in standard customizable transactions such as quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Last year, Xero has added many attractive features, including two new business views (Short-Term Cash Flow and Business Snapshot), Stripe integration, and improvised setup process.

Integration of QuickBooks and Xero

It must be noted that one organization can have only one QuickBooks Time account. In Xero app, users can add contacts, customers, and stock items for invoicing. On manual addition of customers in QuickBooks app before integration, users should make sure that customer name matches between the systems before the first import of entry.

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their QuickBooks Time and Xero accounts.
  2. In QuickBooks Time app, users should go to Feature Add-ons and then click Manage Add-ons.
  3. Thereafter, users should scroll down to Xero and then select Install.
  4. In the Xero Integration Preferences window, users should choose his country from list of countries.
  5. Now, select Connect to Xero.
  6. In the Authorise Application window, users should select their organization and then select Allow Access.
  7. Thereafter, in the Connect Window, users should select Next.
  8. Now, in the Import Options Window, users should make their selections.
  9. Next, select Start Import

Important Integration used by users

Adding Xero contacts as customers in QuickBooks Time is the most important integration process that has helped many businesses.

During import, the customers that are invoiced are automatically added but contacts have to be added in this way: –

1. Users should go to QuickBooks Time app and select Xero and click Preferences and then click Manage Xero Customers. 

2. Thereafter, users should find and select Xero contacts to be imported in as QuickBooks Time customers.

3. Now, select Add Customers.

Likewise, users can also import customers, stock items and contacts and can add, edit or delete in QuickBooks Time App. Do select Xero > Import.