Quickbooks Integration Amazon

Quickbooks Integration Amazon

Amazon Business can be described as technically advanced business version of Amazon app that offers loads of discounts on millions of products to businesses of all sizes.  In other words, it works like one stop solution for all your office purchases needs and demands. The businessman can easily access India’s largest selection of products with GST invoice. It successfully combines Amazon’s popular one-stop shopping with quantity discounts, approval workflows, price comparisons and multi-user accounts to make purchasing simpler and cost-effective. By opening Amazon Business account, users can get competitive process with convenient buying options. According to latest trade reports, Amazon Business Account is possessed by 50 percent of 100 biggest US hospital systems, more than 40 percent of the 100 most populous local governments and around 55 percent of Fortune 100 companies. It has recorded over 150,000 sellers with a combined sales figures of $10 billion per year. The subscription of Amazon Business app is completely free and there is no long-term commitment and no minimum spend. To open Amazon Business account, users should have their working email ID and basic company information. In India, it is important to have documents like GST certificate or Business PAN or Company information for the registration. By using this app, users can bring their Amazon business purchases into QuickBooks with all details. It will allow QuickBooks to categorize and link them to your bank or credit card records. Users are supposed to review it and then approve the work. It should be noted carefully that Amazon Business Purchases App works only with Amazon Business Accounts. It does not connect your personal Amazon.com account or Amazon seller account to your QuickBooks app account.

Step 1: Setting up the connection

For successfully integrating your Amazon Business and QuickBooks account, do make sure that you are primary administrator for the Amazon Business account and also primary administrator or company administrator for your QuickBooks company account.

Do follow these steps: –

  1. Firstly, users should sign in to their QuickBooks account as an administrator
  2. Now, do go to your Amazon Business Purchase App page
  3. Next, do select Get App Now
  4. After getting prompt, do sign in to your Amazon Business Account as primary administrator
  5. Thereafter, do select import start date. It will sync all of Amazon Business purchases made by youor after that date with QuickBooks for your reviewing.
  6. Finally, select Finish

The app will start to import all your Amazon Business Purchases into your QuickBooks account. After the first successful import, the app will check your Amazon Business Account four times a day and will bring latest transactions into QuickBooks.

If users have previously used QuickBooks Labs Plug-In

Users can now use Amazon Business Purchase App as an alternative to import their transactions. For avoiding duplicate transactions, while setting up the app, do follow the steps-

  1.   User should note the date of last Amazon business transaction that Labs Plug-In imported to QuickBooks.
  2.   Now, disconnect the Labs Connection.
  3.   Next, do set up the Amazon Business Purchase App, using the above steps. For import start date, users have to select the date of the last transaction that was made from their Labs connection.

Step 2: Reviewing your Amazon Business purchases

Whenever Amazon Business Purchase appear in QuickBooks, users should be ready to review it and then add them to their books.

  1.   In QuickBooks app, users should go to Banking
  2.   Next, do select App transactions and then For review tab. The Amazon Business Purchases and returns will now appear in the list with important details like quantity, purchase price, product descriptions and fee breakdowns.
  3.   For every transaction made, do select an action you can take, depending on their status:
  •         Add or Match– this type of purchase is reading to be added to your books. If QuickBooks is connected to the credit card or bank account through which purchase was made then you can match it to a specific transaction which is present in your books.
  •         Review– If QuickBooks does not recognize the bank or credit card account used for the purchase.  Users can confirm the account which already exists in QuickBooks or they can add a new account to their Chart of Accounts.

For handling Amazon Business returns, go to your QuickBooks account to review and add to your books. Do ensure that the return has the same category as the original purchase so that your accounting stays accurate.