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QuickBooks Integration | Sync QuickBooks And Chargebee | Connect QuickBooks To Chargebee

By integrating your QuickBooks Online account with Chargebee, one can automate the organization of Invoices, Customers, and other data from Chargebee to QuickBooks, which are essential for your financial management and analysis.

We suggest that it should simply confer with your accounting advisor before configuring the connection.

You should test the sync on the Test Site before fixing the Sync QuickBooks and ChargeBee on the Live Site.

Prerequisites to connect QuickBooks to Chargebee

1.  To enable Accounting fields.

Make sure that you have enabled Accounting fields for QuickBooks. You will be able to  Connect QuickBooks to Chargebee by navigating to Settings and then click on the Configure Chargebee and then clicking the Billing LogIQ.

2.  To set up your Product Catalog

Users should enter accounting fields for the strategy and addons in Chargebee such as:

• SKU – The user should enter a Product name/ SKU here and this would be used as a Product/ service name in QuickBooks. If a product/ service is already there in QuickBooks, Chargebee maps the trade into the customary product in QuickBooks and the new product is not fashioned.

• Account Name – The Sales/Revenue GL Account Name in QuickBooks ought to enter in the required field of the software through the official website.

• Class – If the Tracking category is necessary for Plan/Addon price point, the grouping is often entered here. Class tracking at the customer level is also achievable. In case you need any assistance you can contact support@chargebee.com for the same as they provide free support and assistance to the new users.

Important things to remember while syncing QuickBooks with Chargebee

1.  When you add new plan/addon price points in Chargebee anytime after connecting the setup, always remember to enter the SKU and GL Account Name fields.

2.  If you generate any modification to the GL Account Name in your QuickBooks account anytime after syncing the setup, you would like to update them in Chargebee also. Failing to try to do so could lead to a sync error.

Verify Currency Settings

Verify the successive rules:

• The base currency in Chargebee and QuickBooks ought to be identical.

• If you have got numerous currencies enabled in Chargebee, then you should guarantee these currencies are facilitated in QuickBooks also.

You can scrutinize the currencies in Chargebee by navigating to Settings and then Configure Chargebee and further click at the Currencies link.

After the above steps, one can easily set up an organization Address to ensure that one has to navigate to settings and then go to configure Chargebee and finally at business profile.

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